Simple Shadow Puppets

Simple Shadow Puppet


Make simple shadow puppets!  I made a baby elephant.

Suggested age level: 4  to 10 and up.

Supplies needed:

Print  out our pattern:  Simple Shadow Puppet Baby Elephant     You can draw your own animal too!

Sheet of white paper or notebook paper.

Cereal/cracker/cookie box

Drinking straw or barbecue  skewer

Masking tape or transparent tape

Tools needed



Bright flashlight or a bright desk lamp, ask your parents first!


1.  Print our pattern, or draw your own animal/creature silhouette.   Ask for help if you need it.

2.  Cut out the elephant from the pattern print-out or your drawing.

3.  Trace your pattern onto the inside of the box.

4.  Cut out the new silhouette that you just traced.  This will be your shadow puppet!

5.  Using tape, attach the straw or skewer to the center of the puppet.  Holding the straw/skewer at ab angle, tape the top first, then add tape on either side of the straw/skewer to hold it into place.   Here’s an example of how to angle the straw/skewer:



If the straw/skewer pops off, use more tape to hold it on.  Your shadow puppet is now ready to perform!


Shadow Puppet Stage:

1.  Drape a  white bed sheet between two chairs, having one side of the sheet longer than the other.   Ask for  help if you  need it

2.   Now hold your shadow puppet gently against the sheet with the flashlight or lamp behind you, pointing towards the puppet.  Don’t forget to turn off the lights!

3.  You now have a simple shadow puppet theatre.   Make up a story for your puppet, make a second puppet, put on a show for your family!

 Have fun putting on a shadow puppet show!