Wump Mucket Puppets are happy to share our references with you, afterall we are in the happiness business.  A happy audience means a happy client, and that makes the puppeteer VERY HAPPY!  Sharing joy through puppetry is what we do.

Over the years we have had the honor to perform our puppet shows to audiences both small and large.  From cozy family rooms to giant festival stages.  No matter how small or large the venue, every audience is very special to us, and we overjoyed to continue to draw laughter and applause wherever we perform. 

We are very proud to share these reference letters with our future clients:

American Cancer Society 2015 letter

March of Dimes 2015 letter

Fall Feast 2014 letter

Ronald McDonald House 2014  letter

St. Boniface Preschool 2013 letter

Compass School 2012  letter

Resurrection School 2012  letter

Happen Inc 2011 letter

Would you like to add your letter to our list of highly satisfied clients?  Contact us here