No-Sew Easter Bunny Finger Puppet

Make your own  No-Sew Easter Bunny finger puppet to bounce around the garden this spring.


Suggested age level: 5  to 10 and up.     Adult supervision suggested for cutting.

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Supplies needed:

Print  out our pattern:  No-Sew Easter Bunny Pattern    You can draw your own Easter Bunny too,  ask a parent for help if needed.

1 sheet of white/cream/brown felt – if you do not have felt you can use colored construction paper  too!

Scraps  of  black/pink/blue/white felt or construction paper.   If you do not have these colors,  use what you have  available.

Craft glue or Elmer’s glue.

Tools needed:


Pencil/pen/marker and a sheet  of  paper if  you are drawing your own pattern.

Your imagination!  The GREATEST tool of all!



Cut out the different shapes using the pattern, or your drawing.   

Please note that the pattern is  more  of a  suggested guide and may need to be adjusted to fit the finger of the puppeteer.   


2  X  BODY  using white/cream/brown felt  or  paper

2  X  OUTER EAR using white/cream/brown felt  or  paper

2  X  INNER EAR using pink felt scrap or paper

2  X  EYES using blue felt scrap or paper

1  NOSE  using pink felt scrap or paper

2  X  WHISKER SHAPES using black felt scraps or paper

1  MOUTH using black felt scrap or paper

1  TEETH SHAPE  using white felt scrap or paper  BE SURE THAT THIS IS ONE  PIECE.


When cutting is completed, glue INNER EAR to the OUTER EAR.   Place INNER EAR in the  center at the bottom of the OUTER EAR.

Now it’s time to glue eyes,  nose, whiskers to the FRONT piece of  felt or  paper.    Fan out the whiskers a bit before gluing.

Next, glue teeth piece BEHIND the mouth shape first,  then glue these under the nose.  Do not glue BOTTOM of teeth  piece.

Position ears on the INSIDE of the BACK  body  piece, then glue down.

Finally, glue front (face piece) to the back  so  that the EARS are sandwiched between the two body pieces.

DO NOT glue bottom. That is where your finger  will operate the puppet from.

Press  down and let the glue dry.   Drying time differs depending on what type of  glue is used.     

Letting the  puppet dry overnight would be best.



Be sure to share your finished No-Sew Easter Bunny Finger Puppet with  us on the  Wump  Mucket Puppets Facebook Page.