Clothespin puppet

Clothespin Puppet

Make your very own  Clothespin Puppet to put on puppet shows and amaze your family and friends with.


Suggested age level: 4  to 10 and up.     Adult supervision suggested for cutting.

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Supplies needed:

Wood clothespin – please ask your parents first.

File folder – if you do not have one you can use colored construction paper  too!

Markers or colored pencils.

Elmer’s glue or any crafting glue.

Note:   Most of these supplies can be found a dollar stores.

Tools needed:




Your imagination!  The GREATEST tool of all!



1.  Open the file folder flat and cut in half.  Skip this step if you are using construction paper.

2.  Using the ruler and pencil,  draw a box that is three inches tall and two inches wide.  This will be the area that you draw your puppet.  What will you draw?  A person?  A creature?  I made a superhero that I named  Exclamation Mark!

3.  When you are happy with your puppet design, trace or color it as you wish.  

4.  Cut the colored-in puppet out.

5.  Glue the back of your puppet to the clothespin, leave about one inch at the bottom for you to hold onto.

6.  Since these puppets are small and easy to make, why not make several? 

Make up a story for your puppets to perform, sings some songs,  or tell jokes.   

What will you name your puppet?   Where do they live?  Maybe in a castle, or perhaps in a treehouse?

HAVE FUN making  up your very own stories to perform with your Clothespin puppet!

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