Puppetry Workshops

Puppetry Workshops

Children and parents love the puppetry workshops lead by teaching artist Terrence Burke.  Our programs are ready-made or can be tailored to your curriculum.   Guest visits from the Wump Mucket Puppets characters are included in each workshop.  Most importantly,  children enjoy a learning experience full of fun and discovery!

Puppet Puppet Workshop

Paper Puppet Workshop

A great introduction to puppets for children using everyday craft supplies.  Each 30-minute workshop features a different puppet including:

Suggested for children ages 5-12 (some paper cutting required).

Complete lesson plan available upon request.

Craft supplies/tools not included.


TEACHING ARTIST FEE – $75 per 30-minute workshop


Roundtrip travel fee addition

I have been fortunate enough to work with Wump Mucket Puppets twice this year, both for virtual workshops with children 9-12. Terrence’s passion for and knowledge of puppetry shines through even online. His clear directions, thoughtful feedback, and enthusiasm for his craft helped nurture an imaginative space for our young artists to explore creative storytelling. Campers were able to make two types of puppets using everyday materials, learning that great works of art can be made with what you have around you. I look forward to working with Wump Mucket Puppets in the future and suggest you do the same!

Julia Lipovsky

Camp cARTwheel – Wave Pool Gallery

Teaching Artist Terrence Burke picture

Custom Workshops

Bring Terrence Burke to your school or arts organization.   He can create a workshop for the children in your community that is entertaining, enriching, and of course fun!

Additionally, Terrence brings a lifetime passion for puppetry and three-years of experience as a teaching artist.  Without a doubt, students will let their imaginations soar through the magical power of puppets.

Clients that Terrence has worked with include:

WordPlay Cincy a grassroots-founded nonprofit organization committed to activating the strengths of children and teens in a safe, inclusive, and inspiring place.

ArtWorks – Camp Cartwheel an award-winning Greater Cincinnati nonprofit that transforms people and places through investments in creativity.

Macy’s an American department store chain.


Thank you so much!  My daughters had so much fun. 

They are making more puppets as I type. 

Bess,  parent of children enrolled in WordPlay Cincy workshop


Shadow Puppets Workshop

This series of three workshops explore the oldest form of puppetry, shadows!

  • Exploring the Shadows (an introduction to shadow puppetry)
  • Creating a Shadow Show (children build their own shadow puppets)              
  • Performing the Shadow Show (using the puppets that the children created) 

Suggested for children ages 7-12   (card cutting required)

Complete lesson plan available upon request.

Craft supplies/tools not included.

Artist provides the overhead projector.

TEACHING ARTIST FEE – $225 for three 30-minute workshops

Roundtrip travel fee addition

Thank you for being such a great part of Camp Cartwheel!  Like our summer session, the kids had a blast and were able to learn new art skills at the same time from you and your wonderful puppets.

Alex Tanveer

Camp Cartwheel