Clothespin puppet

Tube Troll Puppet

Let’s make a silly Tube Troll Puppet in five easy steps using common items found around the house.


Suggested age level: 4  to 10 and up.     Adult supervision suggested for cutting the holes in the paper tube.

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Supplies needed:

Paper towel or toilet tissue tube.

Markers or colored pencils.

Colored paper or yarn.

Elmer’s glue or any crafting glue.

Note:   Most of these supplies can be found around the house or at a dollar store.

Tools needed:


Your imagination!  The GREATEST tool of all!


1.  Color the entire paper tube with markers or colored pencils.

2.  Make two holes with scissors,  one for the troll’s nose and one for its tongue (your fingers).

3. Next, cut an opening in the back.

4.  Now, cut paper strips for hair, or use pieces of yarn.

5.  Draw eyes onto paper, cut out, and glue on.  You can also draw the eyes directly onto the tube.  See the photo at the top of the  page.

When the glue has dried, your silly  Tube Troll is ready to live under a bridge, on a mountain top, or maybe even inside a cave!

Does the Troll have a name?  Think about  giving your Troll a voice.  Will it be a squeaky little voice, like a mouse?  Or will it be a rough, deep voice like a grumpy old Troll?  What does it like to eat for a snack?  How about pickles and marshmallows baked into a pie?   Yummy!

Now make up your very own  puppet show to tell a fairy tale about the Troll.  If you  build several Tube Trolls, have your sister or brother perform the show with you.    There are so many stories that you can use your imagination to create.  Best of all, have fun with your new Tube Troll Puppet. 

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