Frozen Follies

Frozen Follies Wump Mucket Puppets
Frozen Follies Wump Mucket Puppets
Frozen Follies Wump Mucket Puppets Father Christmas Santa Claus

Frozen Follies show info

Frozen Follies is Wump Mucket Puppets Christmas holiday puppet show.  It features tales that have our puppet stars celebrating the season of giving with cheerful holiday-themed stories that include:

The Many Names of Santa Claus finds alien space princess G’Wizzl visiting the Earth on December 25th.   She learns how Christmas is celebrated by several cultures with help from the jolly old elf himself!  They even sing a tune together.

Winter Safety Tips are demonstrated by Unka Unka the caveman and his pal Kitty as they attempt to build a snowman together on the puppet stage.  Will they get the snowman to stay up straight?  Wintertime fun for all!

The Great Marshmallow Harvest tells a holiday tale from the Western town of Bucket Gulch.  Coleman the Sasquatch finds a new crop on his family’s farm just in time for Christmas!   Will Miss Jacqui the Jakalope ever get her shop ready for her shoppers?

The show includes an audience sing-a-long to one of the puppet’s (and their puppeteer’s) favorite holiday songs “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”, and more cheerful Christmastime silliness. 

Frozen Follies is great for library programs, daycare center or preschool programs, K-fourth grade elementary school events, private or corporate Christmas Parties for children and their families, adults, and seniors who are still kids at heart.

Available for booking during the month of December.  

For children ages 4-10, families, and seniors  

Run-time 30 minutes.  Meet & Greet session follows the performance.

Performance fee $400, travel fee additional.  Add a second show at the same location on the same date for $300.

Load in / Set-up time required: 90 minutes     Strike / Load-out time required: 45 minutes

Indoor Performance Only

Frozen Follies client comments

“Everyone had a grand time watching these crazy puppets do their thing!  Many were able to get up close with the puppets after the show.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting the next visit.”

Pat Zubrowski, REM Ohio