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Fairy Hairy Tales Puppet show info

Will the Royal Unicorn ever be found in the castles?  Can the new trumpet pass his audition?  Who will stop the creature from eating The Queen’s favorite cereal?  Join the Wump Mucket Puppets in their magical kingdom and find out in Fairly Hairy Tales!


Featured stories in Fairly Hairy Tales include:

Where is The  Unicorn?  Queen Jacqui would like to meet with Quincy the  Unicorn, but he can’t be found!  The whole castle is in a tizzy searching high and low for the missing Unicorn. Where did he go? Can he be found?   We’re sure that our audience will know.  

Royal Trumpet Player  Unka Unka auditions to be the Queen’s personal trumpet player.  Will he pass the try-out?  He just may, but with some very silly sounds first.

The Knight who Slept All Day  Coleman is a knight who has been working during the castle’s  late shift for a few years and desperately wants transfer to the day-shift.   Before The Queen approves of this, she sends him on a quest to stop The Beast who is eating her favorite breakfast in The Cereal Mines.  Will the young knight prove his courage.  Will he stop The Beast in time to save breakfast?  

And lots more fantastic puppet fun!  

For children ages 4-10 and families.   

Great for libraries and school-age day camps!

Run-time 30 minutes.  A Meet & Greet session follows the puppet  show with FREE stickers for everyone!


   Please inquire about block bookings.

 Load in / Set-up time required: 60 minutes     Strike / Load-out time required: 45 minutes

Indoor performance only