Reg the Loveland Frog Wump Mucket Puppets
Reg Wump Mucket Puppets


Reg, or more formally Reginald Potterby Amphibious III, is one of the more cultured members of our cast, or so he thinks so.  We are certainly honored to have him share his erudite acting abilities on our puppet stage.

The Frogman cometh

This frog-like character is among the puppets inspired by Terrence Burke’s interest in cryptid creatures.  For the most part, Reg’s can trace his family tree to Southwest Ohio’s mysterious Loveland Frogman.    He was designed and built by Lara Rumizen, joining the cast in Autumn of 2014.   The puppet’s voice is a version of a mid-Atlantic accent, to provide the suggestion of being a purple frog of generally noble upbringing.  Here is a link to our blog from April 2015, when Reg made his radio debut on WVXU 91.7 FM.  Listen to the interview to hear that his earlier voice had not quite reached what it is today.

A Co-star is Born

Over time Reg has found his place within the Wump Mucket Puppets cast of characters.   Understandably, not every puppet will have a starring role in the skits performed in our shows.  With this in mind, Reg found his nitch by performing as a solid super co-star.  He is certain that you will agree that his performance in Tales from Bucket Gulch is nothing short of “splendid”.  Above all, he is loved by his young fans, which certainly is splendid.