QB  the Queen Bee

QB the Queen Bee is one of the stars to our popular Bee Happy show.   This show has been performed at schools and libraries throughout  Ohio, and was  our very first  production to be toured in  New England. 

The four foot puppet was built by Lara Rumizen in the spring of 2017.   An early concept sketch by Terrence Burke can be found at the bottom left column of this page.  Lara’s design is a big  improvement on what is a relatively simple puppet.  QB is basically a foam tube covered in  shiny gold fabric.  We were not going for realism, but more an eye catching puppet character.   Children love seeing her, and we appreciate that very much .

A Voice fit for a Queen Bee

The voice for QB the Queen Bee was inspired in several ways.   First, Terrence’s  mother kept bee hives in New Hampshire at one time.   She encouraged him to create the Bee Happy show.   He began to plan the puppet character after learning about his mother’s visit with beekeepers while she was traveling in Eastern Europe.   Secondly,  QB’s voice is respectfully modeled after a Cincinnati neighbor and friend who is  originally from Bosnia.   Terrence enjoys  performing QB’s voice very much, especially when she laughs during the performance.

Helping children understand bees

Keeping in mind that QB the Queen Bee is a puppet character, her goal  is a simple one.  The puppet is performed in a friendly, non-threatening  manner so that children will enjoy her and listen to what she  is saying during the puppet show.  QB wants children and adults to understand that bees and human beings are very important to each another.  Children may not realize how important bees are to the food that people eat.   We also hope that the children will be less afraid of bees after seeing the puppet show.

QB on TV

Enjoy this live television guest segment with QB and G’Wizzl the super space princess on WCPO TV