Jacqui the Jackalope Wump Mucket Puppets
Jacqui the Jackalope  Wump Mucket Puppets with Catherine Bodak at WXIX Fox 19

Jacqui the Jackalope

Jacqui the Jackalope joined our cast of puppet stars in late spring 2016 specifically to play the queen in the “Knight who Slept All Day” story.  The puppet was  built by my wife Lara  during the late Winter.  Since then Jacqui has undeniably grown as a character in our shows, as I have certainly found the right sound for her voice and character mannerisms.  With that accomplished, Jac was cast as the host of our 2018 summer production “Tales from Bucket Gulch”, where she shared our silly story about biscuits in the style of an old fashioned storyteller.   In addition, Jacqui is one of the cast members in our Frozen Follies story “The Great Marshmallow Harvest”.  It was in this story that I created the beginning of our make-believe Western prairie town of Bucket Gulch. 

J is for Jackalope…

Have you ever heard of a Jackalope?  No kidding!?!  In that case, let’s fill you in a bit.  Most folks aren’t too familiar with Jackalopes, and as a result sometimes confuse our dear Jacqui for a dog or a donkey.  To explain, a Jackalope is a mythical creature from North American folklore that looks very much like a jackrabbit with antlers.  They are often associated with the West, which suits Miss Jacqui just fine.    I tend to perform her with a slightly Southern/Prairie accent, and try to give her a motherly personality.   

 I’m sure that there are more tales for Miss Jacqui to spin in years to come.  All she asks for is a room full of friends with smiling faces to tell her tales to.   Be sure to say “Howdy!” to her at one of our performances.

Those Antlers!

Of course to be a Jackalope, Jacqui must have some antlers.  Her’s are sculpted out of Sculpey, which is a clay-like crafting compound that is baked after it is sculpted.   When cooled the antlers were then painted to help them stand out from Jac’s large rabbit ears.  This works rather well, when the antlers stay upon her head!  They have popped off several times due to changes in temperature , a few years ago one fell off minutes before a live TV guest appearance!  I had to tape it on very quickly and I had to hope for the best.  Here’s the live guest segment on WCPO TV, with the wobbling Jackalope antler: