GWizzl Wump Mucket Puppets
GWizzl Wump Mucket Puppets
GWizzl Wump Mucket Puppets

G’Wizzl G’Wook

G’Wizzl this the young niece of our friendly outer-space alien G’Wazzl.  She is a much-loved character in our show.  Built by Lara Rumizen in June 2015, and is the seventh puppet to be added to our cast.

Girl Puppets ROCK!

The story behind the creation of her is as charming and heartwarming as she is.  During performances in 2014, puppeteer Terrence Burke was asked by girls in his audience, “Why are all the puppets boys?”.  Upon sharing this with his wife and daughter, they agreed with the young lady.  While this may be true, it was never his intention to have only male puppets in the show.  The reason was that Terrence did not feel that he could perform a female voice.  With the motivation to change this oversight, Lara began to build what would become a super space princess.  With this in mind, Terrence set to work on her voice characterization.  The skit Super Space Princess and the Pirates from Zwonk was written to give G’Wizzl the starring role, as well as the song “Princess Super Hero”.

Puppet Power 

Our new girl puppet started her acting career running, with a busy Summer calendar performing at libraries and schools in 2015.  Her star power certainly shone during the Wump Mucket Puppets very first New England Library tour.  The young girls in our audience all confirmed what the purple alien with groovy orange tendrils knows, she has puppet power!   Somehow the middle-aged man who performs and provides the voice for her is ignored when they are appearing together.  G’Wizzl has landed and made many fans very happy.

Like any popular actress, she definitely stays busy.  The young space traveler learns about bees in  Bee Happy, helps out Santa for a segment of Frozen Follies, and uses her superpowers for good during Space is the Place.  She is truly one of our shining stars.

Please enjoy these live television guest appearances featuring G’Wizzl:

FOX45 in the Morning WRGT July 10, 2015 – CLICK HERE TO WATCH

9 On Your Side at Noon WCPO July 10, 2017 – CLICK HERE TO WATCH