Cyril the Cincinnati Sea Serpent 

Every puppet show has to start with at least one puppet, Cyril was ours.  Built by Lara Rumizen, with help from Terrence Burke, during the late Summer of 2003.  Cyril began his stage career performing a couple of short skits in puppet slams presented by the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild.  He also made an appearance during the puppet potpourri at the Puppeteers of America Great Lakes Region Puppeteer’s Potlatch. 

From here he has gone to become one of our fan’s favorite characters and has made many guest appearances on television.  Be sure to watch a few on our video page.

Cyril performs in many of our stories and often handles the duties of “Master of Ceremonies” during the show.   He is often partnered with is buddy Coleman the Sasquatch, and politely laughs at Coleman’s corny jokes and riddles.

The inspiration behind the puppet comes from the legendary sea serpents and lake monsters from around the world, including Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Champ the Lake Champlain Monster, and Ogopogo in British Columbia, Canada.

The character’s personality is modeled after his puppeteer’s experience as a father.  Cyril’s very first fans were Terrence’s daughter and son, Eleanor, and Tiernan.   Cyril would perform for them before bedtime, singing or helping tell a story.  

Cyril’s family are from the Great Lakes, and still has relatives who live in their waters.