Coleman the Sasquatch

He’s cute, he’s cuddly, he’s our one and only little furry guy Coleman the Sasquatch!  The second puppet star to join our show is actually the oldest.  The original puppet was purchased a fun fair in the 1970s. Coleman stayed with his puppeteer for many decades -often in a box!  It wasn’t until Cyril the Cincinnati Sea Serpent needed a co-star to entertain puppeteer Terrence Burke’s young daughter in 2005.  Back then we simply called Coleman “Furry Guy”.  The character is forever around ten years old.  Perhaps Sasquatch age slower than human beings?   He allows Terrence to stay in touch with memories of his boyhood and tell corny jokes.

A puppet team begins

Gradually the puppet duo began to get their act together, as Terrence practiced performing two puppets at once and providing both voices.  Eventually, the team of Cyril and Coleman found their groove and the act began to develop.   

Yet, “Furry Guy” didn’t seem a very fitting name for a light brown furry puppet.  So once again Terrence visited his interest in strange creatures, deciding that Coleman was a Sasquatch!  The name is partially a tribute to the author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.  It is also a wink to the puppeteer’s boyhood family camping trips where Coleman brand camping gear was often used.

Coleman version 2.0

By Autumn of 2014, it was decided that the original Coleman puppet needed to retire from performances. The puppet was around forty years old!  The new version of Coleman was built by Lara Rumizen along with help from puppeteer friend Ryan Moore.   In addition to being a much larger puppet, the latest version of Coleman has arms.  Please don’t ask him where his “big feet” are.  We invite you to watch Coleman’s FUNday Monday videos that were made weekly in 2014.   CLICK HERE to watch them on YouTube.

A fan favorite

Over the years Coleman the Sasquatch has played a knight on a quest, wondered about UFOs in a song, and teamed up with Reg the Loveland Frog to be cowpokes.  Our fans have loved him in every roll and rewarded Coleman with hugs.  Not too bad for a furry little Sasquatch puppet.