Clothespin puppet

Happy Flower Puppet

Make a Happy Flower Puppet!  Put a smile on the faces of your family and friends with this charming puppet.


Suggested age level: 5  to 10 and up.     Adult supervision suggested for cutting and gluing.

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Supplies needed:

Several different colors of craft felt, or construction paper.  Our puppet example uses: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, lilac, purple, and black.

Cereal or cracker box

Wood barbecue skewer or popsicle stick.

Elmer’s glue or any crafting glue. 

Note:   These supplies can be found in a craft store.

Tools needed:




Your imagination!  The GREATEST tool of all!



1.  Trace a FOUR INCH and THREE  INCH circle onto the INSIDE of the cereal/cracker box.  Cut these out.

I often use plastic lids or rolls of tape to make circles.  Measure the diameter with the ruler.

2.  Using the FOUR INCH cardboard circle as a pattern, cut out a FOUR  INCH felt circle for the BACK of your flower.

3.  Next, use the THREE INCH cardboard circle as a pattern, cut out a THREE  INCH felt circle for the FACE of your flower.

4.  Glue the THREE INCH card circle onto the center of the FOUR INCH felt circle.  Glue the edges by folding HALF INCH  sections around the card circle.  Take your time as you glue.

5.  While the glue dries, cut out EIGHT flower petals from the of felt.  SEE EXAMPLE ABOVE for the petal’s shape if you make a pattern. The example is THREE  INCHES long.

6.  Make a test arrangement of the petals before you glue them down.  SEE EXAMPLE ABOVE

7.  Now glue petals to the FRONT of the flower back piece. Let this dry.

8.  Take the THREE INCH felt circle to create a face for the happy flower puppet.  I used scrap pieces of black felt for my puppet’s face.  You can draw a face using a Sharpie marker too.

9.  Glue the flower’s face over the center of the petal/back piece.

10.  Add the stem by gluing or taping a skewer or popsicle stick to the back. Let the flower dry in a window.

When the glue has dried, your Happy Flower Puppet is ready to make others happy.   Have fun!

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