Fan Page

Welcome to the Wump Mucket Puppets Fan Page!   We LOVE our fans! 

Here’s what our audience is saying about Wump Mucket Puppets:

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the show… thanks for doing what you do!
Danielle – Odon, IN

My son was SO inspired by a recent Wump Mucket Puppets show that he immediately went home and made two puppets and wrote a script.
Sarah – Cincinnati, OH

You guys were great, my boys loved the show.  Thank you for all that you do.
Jamie –  Cincinnati, OH

Just saw the show at The Taft Museum in Cincinnati and loved it!  Terrence Burke is a wonderful puppeteer and the children in the audience are so engaged in his story telling and jokes as well!  Cannot tell you how many positive and wonderful comments I heard after the show. Bravo!  You sure know how to interact with the young audience!
Aldona – Cincinnati, OH

We had a great time at the show today.   Please tell the puppets ‘thank you’ for Sydney’s special birthday song!
Zach – Cincinnati, OH

Wump Mucket Puppets came to our local library in Utica, Ohio.  My kids loved the show! Very professional, yet fun and hip!!!  We hope Wump Mucket visits Utica again!!!!  Christine – Utica, OH

We had a lot of fun!  Best of luck to you!!
Matthew – Dayton, OH

The show was great…the girls talked about it all day yesterday. They colored their pages and asked to go back! Hope to come to another one soon.
Erin – College Hill, OH

I think what you’re doing is tremendous!
Betsy – Cincinnati, OH

We had a fun time, my daughter really enjoyed it this year as much as last year!
Christy – Falmouth, KY

Thanks!  My daughter enjoyed it a lot!
Beau – Anderson, OH

My daughters and I had a blast at the show in Harrison today.  What an awesome puppet show we can’t wait to go to another.  Everyone needs to check out a Wump Mucket Puppets show!
Nikki, Bright, IN

Everyone in our audience is welcome to meet the puppets after the show and have a photograph taken with the puppets and puppeteer Terrence Burke.  We love to meet you!