FUNday Monday # 8 2-24-14

FUNday Monday # 8 2-24-14

My goodness!  Wump Mucket Puppets’ FUNday Monday is now two months old!  Thanks to all our pals for watching Coleman and his super special guests every Monday.  Who’s that guy wearing the silly orange hat with Coleman in today’s video?

We are very happy to share some silliness with you, so won’t you share a joke, riddle, or silly poem with Coleman?  Send it in so we can continue our quest to make every Monday in 2014 a FUNday!

Perhaps we should ask for jokes or riddles of a particular theme or idea?  Sound good?  GREAT!  Let’s see who’s wearing their thinking cap (or reading this silliness) by asking our pals to send us a riddle or joke about one of Coleman’s favorite things…  SNACKS!  Please remember to keep your silly joke submission family friendly, we have many young pals.

Thanks for watching everyone.  We’ll see you in March, Puppets ROCK!

Wump Mucket Puppets - Coleman the Sasquatch

Wump Mucket Puppets – Coleman the Sasquatch


FUNday Monday # 7 -with less snow

FUNday Monday # 7 -with less snow

Wump Mucket Puppets - Coleman the Sasquatch and Tiernan Burke

What a Winter it has been in Cincinnati!  Cold! Snow! Ice!  Good thing we make these little videos on sunny days when the weather is nicer.  This week we are back at the Mt. Airy Forest playground.  It’s an odd name since there are NO mountains in Cincinnati!
Here’s this week’s silly joke:

Thanks to Tiernan for being this week’s super special guest.  Did you catch a peek of Eleanor sneaking up on the guys at the end?  You must have eagle eyes.  Please share a silly joke with us, we love them!  Puppets ROCK!!!
Wump Mucket Puppets - FUNday Monday picture with Coleman the Sasquatch

FUNday Monday # 6 is here!

FUNday Monday # 6 is here!

Wump Mucket Puppets - FUNday Monday title card with Coleman the Sasquatch

We are on a roll, or Coleman just has TOO MANY silly jokes!
Here’s this week’s video with one of our puppeteers out in front of the camera… Eleanor!

Help us make every Monday a FUN day! Share our silly little video with a friend and put a smile on their face.

Got a family friendly joke or riddle that you would like Coleman the Sasquatch to tell? We’d love to hear it! Go to our Contact page, or send it to us on the Wump Mucket Puppets Facebook page

February is here with a new FUNday Monday video

February is here with a new FUNday Monday video!

Once again Coleman and his very special guest star Tiernan are at Miami Whitewater Forest for today’s silly little joke.  Give these guys a cup of hot chocolate.  It was cold out there!

Do you have a family friendly joke that you would like to share with Coleman?  Send it to us and we will help make Monday a FUN day!  Puppets ROCK!

Wump Mucket Puppets - FUNday Monday title card


FUNday Monday # 4 is here!

FUNday Monday # 4 is here!

Wump Mucket Puppets FUNday Monday with Coleman the Sasquatch

Wow four weeks of making Mondays a FUN day with a silly little joke told by our very own jokester, Coleman the Sasquatch!

Today’s joke was contributed by our very special guest star, the one and only expert on all things Thomas the Tank Engine, Tiernan Burke!

Thanks for watching everyone!  If you have a family friendly joke that you wish to share with Coleman, please send it in!  Your joke could help make Monday, a FUNday!

Puppets ROCK!

FUNday Monday # 2 is here!

FUNday Monday # 2 is here!

Every Monday Coleman the Sasquatch shares a family friendly joke sent to us by one of our pals. 

This week’s joke was sent in by pal our Facebook pal Heath!

Thanks Heath!  There’s a new handkerchief in the mail for you.

Got a family friendly joke or riddle to share?  Send it in for Coleman the Sasquatch to tell to the whole wide world!

Funday Monday is here!

Funday Monday is here!

Coleman the Sasquatch Funday Monday photo Wump Mucket Puppets

Who doesn’t LOVE silly jokes?   Nobody we know!

Here’s our first Funday Monday joke, as submitted by our life-long fan (and sometimes assistant puppeteer) ELEANOR!

Do you have a silly joke that we can tell?  Make sure it’s family friendly (that means none of those bad words like “turnip”) and send it to Coleman the Sasquatch to read!

Your little joke could be seen by 42 people, and 956 Sasquatch!!!

The deadline for Funday Monday # 2 is January 12, 2014.

Offer not valid on Mars, void where prohibited, jokes may seem larger in real life.

Send your joke to us at our Official Facebook page:

Puppets ROCK!

Hello 2014! Are you ready to ROCK?!?

Hello 2014!      Are you ready to ROCK?!?

It’s a new year!  Yippee!  I look at it as a blank sheet of paper waiting for a doodle, a song, or a skit to work into the puppet show.  I have already started a list of goals to work towards and would love to share a few with you, our fabulous friends and fans!

New puppet characters!  In the new year we will introduce two new member to our growing cast of silly puppets.  Both have been “on the drawing board” for a some time and it’s due time that they joined the fun!  First will be this guy, Unka Unka the Caveman!

Eleanor with her concept sketch and the sculpted head of Unka Unka the Caveman.

Eleanor with her concept sketch and the sculpted head of Unka Unka the Caveman.

Next will be our second Sasquatch character, who will be named Cousin Snavely.  The voice is sounding a bit like actor Charles Nelson Reilly.  He played Horatio J. HooDoo on the 1970s kid’s TV show LidsvilleHere’s the opening theme on YouTube.

Coleman the Sasquatch with Bigfoot crossing sign.

Watch out for Sasquatch!

Our third puppet project with be a much needed rebuild of on of our most loved characters, Coleman the Sasquatch.  This little guy is over 35 years old!  It’s quite amazing that he has held up as long as he has.  The mouthplate inside the puppet is deteriorating with every show.  We’ll be sure to share this process as his rebuild begins.

Of course that’s not all!  We have a couple of fun new skits and songs in the works, which we think you will enjoy.  Here’s a short video with a sneak peek of a few of the tune ideas:

Living the puppet life – Part 2

There was so much magic packed into our week at Swarthmore College, I must continue to share it with you!

Tonight’s blog focuses on a few of the puppet films that we watched on the lawn.  I love to laugh, and these films made me howl!  Here are a few previews:

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas



Hey Geronimo – Dreamboat Jack (aka The Greatest Puppet Chase Ever Filmed)

Film by Pete Kilroy and a younger Joe Brumm
Info about Hey Geronimo

Milano (Music Video) by Lolly Lardpop

Info about Lolly Lardpop and her puppeteer Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

These films were presented in the Handmade Puppet Dreams film series produced by Heather Henson.  I am trying to bring this film series to a screen in Cincinnati in the not so distant future.

I hope you enjoy these funny films as much as I did, sharing a blanket with my puppeteer pals -and a few insects.

More rambling about my adventures in puppet festival land and thoughts on punk ukulele soon!