Another Devil head picture

I sketched this more detailed picture of the devil head puppet on July 24th. It took me a little while to figure out how to post the photo on Blogger!

I plan to make the head around 10 inches tall with exaggerated features, such as one eyeball to be larger than the other. Why? Who knows, perhaps that’s what I think a devil looks like in my mind’s eye.

To the right of the head you can see the claw-like hands that I plan to add to the puppet. I will first sculpt the heads & hands out of modeling clay, next the sculpture will be covered in paper pulp mixed with glue…yum! We’ll see how it goes.

In some puppet releated news, in my case anyway, the Cincinnati Public Library is offering a program called Comic Revolutions over the next three months. I have registered for the two workshops on comic book basics. I hope to learn a little more about scripting both puppet skits and comics from these FREE workshops. All in all it should be fun, and I get to see real live comic geeks!

Want to buy me an early birthday gift? Look no further, for here is a book that I would like to add to my collection: Puppetry: A World History by Eileen Blumenthal. I received a postcard from her publisher a few weeks ago and have yet to find it at the library. Maybe I will see a copy at work?

Faust puppet sketch 1

Here is the first sketch for puppets that I am thinking of building for the puppet slam>>>>>>>

On the left is a devil puppet, with a close up of the puppet head to his right. I can’t decide what a devil puppet would wear…any ideas?

On the lower right is a sketch of a jester. I am lucky that I already own some fabric to dress him in.

Oh, in other puppet related news…I am mailing a photo of Eleanor (my daughter) and I wearing our Oscar the Grouch t-shirts to Sesame Street puppeteer Carrol Spinney!

Faust idea

Yesterday I watched the DVD of the Jan Svankmajer film FAUST and it gave me an idea to possibly perform a scene from it at out puppet slam. The scene involves a jester who has discovered how to summon devils by repeating enchanted words. I think the words were “feezlekay” to summon the devil, and “fozzlekay” to make him leave. I have reserved a copy Goethe’s Faust from the library to research this a little further. I plan to build simple glove puppets, a jester and 1 or 2 devils. I think paper mache heads and hands with cloth torsos would work just fine.

More info about Faust here


Both Linda & Micha agreed with my idea to “simplfy” the slam. So I am going forward (at last) and scheduling the 2005 CAPG Puppet SLAM! for Saturday October 22nd at 7 PM. We are going to have it at Sidewinder Coffee & Tea, a cool coffee house that is right around the corner from Wump Mucket’s secret HQ in Northside.

At last! We’re slammin’!!!

Slimmer Slam?

With just a little over 3 months before our puppet slam, and very few CAPG people stepping up to the plate to help make it happen I have been thinking of changing the scale of the Slam.

Booking a theatre space 3 months in advance seemed silly when only 4 guild members (Aretta, Linda, Micha, and myself) have agreed to participate. I don’t know why we are having such a hard time getting the rest of the guild involved.


I thought of holding the Slam at a much smaller venue, Sidewinder Coffee shop in my neighborhood of Northside. The room can hold 20-30 people, has a small stage, and we would not have to pay to use it. The coffee shop gets money from it’s food & drink sales, the guild can ask a small donation or pass the hat. I mentioned this to Micha, and she likes the idea. Now to sell it to the rest of the gang.

Nothing new

I did not complete the Rocket Stage to use in the Northside 4th of July parade. That’s not such a bad thing, it would have been far too H-O-T! Maybe I’ll find all the building materials and get it finished by Autumn…

We shall see.

Puppet Fest 2005

I recieved this message from our regional director:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE encourage folks to go to the national fest in MN this summer! It is gonna be AMAZING! Read below for recent updates and do check out the full deal at the fest website:
Only 1 month away, but it’s still possible for you and your Guild/Regional members to get schedules and travel plans arranged, etc. It *is* worth it! It’s not an option NOT to go to these fests–learning, growing, networking, celebrating, ensuring the future of puppetry.
They (the fest staff) are just under their minimum number of registrants needed to break even and deserve to have people there to enjoy the fest that they have worked for YEARS on. Know that festivals are in danger of being a thing of the past if this one does not work–REALLY. I mean that. They (festivals) are a service provided to P of A members by an amazingly dedicated group of VOLUNTEERS–and if the membership does not take advantage of this “service” than this service will no longer be offered. It’s not negative or punitive, it’s realistic. DO YOUR PART. ACT NOW. GET THEE TO MINNESOTA!
This “state of affairs” CAN be remedied! Please forward this to your Guild, your Region and to ANY puppet folk who are considering going. They need your “nudge” to make it happen.
All the best,
Aretta Baumgartner
Great Lakes Region
Scholarship & Youth Services
Puppeteers of America, Inc.
—– Original Message —–

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 10:58 PM
Subject: Puppet Fest 2005 – registrations
…What would assist the bottom line the most at this point is more registrations. If you know of anyone who has been considering attending the festival, please do some encouraging. Other than the budget wrestling, the festival plans are in great shape. It is going to be an incredible week. We’ve had a couple of recent additions to the festival schedule. Heather Henson will be presenting a mini film festival of short puppet films at the festival. They are all recent works that Heather assembled for a film festival in California. She graciously offered to cover all the costs of showing the films at the festival. Eileen Blumenthal, the author of “Julie Taymor: Playing with Fire” and the soon to be published “Puppetry: A World History” will be speaking at the festival and doing a book signing of her new book. It looks like this will be a landmark book and the fest will be your first chance to see it. (Fortunately, the publisher was able to assist with her travel costs.)
…Anything you can do to help generate registrations for the festival would be greatly appreciated.
I guess that there are MANY rich puppet people who can take a week off and have a great time in MN. Sure, if I were single, did not have a baby, had a high paying job, and didn’t owe people money…I’d go. I wonder how PoA expects poor puppet people to attend these events?

2 Muppets CDs found!

I found these two jems at work:

Muppet Beach Party CD

Fraggle Rock – Music and Magic CD

I guess both of these CDs are very hard to find and sell for $70+ on eBay/Amazon. I paid less than $4 each.

The count down begins

I spoke with Cheryl from Findlay Market yesterday. She is very excited about me performing there. On Thursday Lara and I bought red fabric for the outside of the stage, and a neat blue lycra for the “nose cone” section. Now I must find piano wire, 2 aluminum supports, and a few more nylon bolts to built the Wump Mucket Rocket Stage. I think a 6+ foot red rocket will look really cool as a puppet stage.

Last night I sang The Carpenter’s song “Close To You” using the Cyril puppet to Eleanor, she seemed to really like it. It may have been that she just knows the tune. 🙂

You know I want to see this

I bet that it’s released on DVD by Christmas time, which is good for our house…we do not subscribe to cable -so ABC looks like crap.

I received a phone call from the management firm that runs Findlay Market, and they would like to talk to me about performing there soon! Time to get that stage done!