G’Wazzle in on the way

I’ve been trying to finish the G’ Wazzle G’ Wook puppet in time for Saturday’s National Day of Pupptery celebration. We may do it. I just glued the mouth plate together, and have to let it dry for some time.

The most time consuming part of this puppet’s construction are the tendrils. I have been hand sewing them, and it takes me “forever”. I want 6 or 7 of them, but we shall see if I get them done in time. I can always add them at a later date.

Help WOXY.com

I know that some readers of this blog will know of my love of internet radio station WOXY.com. I have been a fan/listener since first hearing it’s terrestrial radio days as WOXY 97.7 FM way back in 1985-86. When that left the Cincinnati airwaves I felt a loss in my life. 97x, and it’s DJs were a part of my adult life, and were now gone.

When WOXY.com hit the internet over a year ago, I was VERY happy. I listen almost daily, and love that it’s still pushing the musical envelope by playing modern rock that NO OTHER radio station plays. Today the staff announced that inorder for WOXY.com to continue it must become a listener supported station. I am not surprised by this move. Having been a DJ myself on WAIF-FM for 6+ years in the 80’s & 90’s, I know that running a radio station isn’t cheap. I am often amazed how many people think that it just magically happens.


So if you are like me, and enjoy hearing & supporting exciting modern rock radio, please become a member of WOXY.com so they will continue for years to come. The membership is ONLY $9.95/month. That’s less than many people pay for cable TV (I do not have cable for I think it sucks).

More info at: WOXY.com

Tell your friends that WOXY.com needs our support now.

Nothing new

I guess I’ve already used that title… Oh well, I am working and daddying most of my time these days.

I’ll get some puppet stuff going sooner or later.

Until then, house work awaits!