The 2006 puppet slam went rather well. I did my little act titled “Puppet Spam” with my Cyril The Sea Monster puppet. I got a few laughs, and one “heckler” too! I need to work on using my left arm to operate Cyril’s tail more. I twisted my arm the wrong way while operating the puppet, and it still aches.

Several CAPG puppeteers plan to drive to Dublin, OH to perform at the COPA puppet slam next month. Maybe I’ll get some photos to post.

G’Wazzle in on the way

I’ve been trying to finish the G’ Wazzle G’ Wook puppet in time for Saturday’s National Day of Pupptery celebration. We may do it. I just glued the mouth plate together, and have to let it dry for some time.

The most time consuming part of this puppet’s construction are the tendrils. I have been hand sewing them, and it takes me “forever”. I want 6 or 7 of them, but we shall see if I get them done in time. I can always add them at a later date.