Puppets & Projects for 2011

We are almost half way into January 2011 and I am happy to report that the Wump Mucket Puppets are entering the new year with several exciting projects and upcoming performances.

The projects:

“The Legend of the Last Kelpie” puppet play is “stewing” in my brain a little longer. At first I envisioned this as one of my quick little shows for children, yet as I scrawled down ideas it is beginning to look like a much more involved production, and will take more time to write, build, and perform. To tease you a little, it’s the story of a young girl growing up near the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of the 20th century. The play will appeal to families, not just the tots.

“G’Wpunzel” will be the Wump Mucket spin on the Brothers Grimm tale “Rapunzel” featuring our resident orange alien puppet G’Wazzl G’Wook in the starring roll…wearing a purple wig.

WUMP MUCKET PUPPETS – The Comic Book! You read that correctly. I have sketched and rough drafted a mini-comic to sell at our shows in glorious black & white! Issue #1 tells the tale of how Cyril and Coleman first met.

Speaking of Coleman, his new fur arrived last week from California ,which makes sense since he’s a Sasquatch. His rebuild should be ready for the Spring shows.

Spring shows? Yes, dear reader, SHOWS! I’ll post the exact dates and venues as we get closer to that lovely season.

And on a more boring note, but cool for me, I have ordered business cards to help promote this little puppet troupe.


2010 was the year the puppets got out!

I am very proud that this year was the year that I finally got my little puppet show out in front of an audience with a grand total of seven shows performed in 2010.

Thanks to everyone who came out and clapped and laughed at the puppet’s silliness. I really appreciate your interest in my puppet shows.

Here are a few photos from the “first annual” Wump Mucket Puppets Holiday Sing A Long Puppet Show:

Our puppet stage is ready for the show

Cyril & his tail.

Cyril & Coleman singing holiday tunes.

So what does 2011 hold in store for the Wump Mucket Puppets?


Excellent question. The idea gears are already turning for an Irish themed skit to perform around St. Patrick’s Day. The “Coleman” puppet will be rebuilt, and I have found a faux fur that looks GREAT! I have had a request from my daughter Eleanor to figure out a way to rig the puppet stage to drop ping-pong balls onto the puppets…so that will be a fun challenge.

So 2011 will be filled with exciting projects to keep this little puppet troupe rolling along into new and exciting adventures in live family friendly puppetry.

A big thank you to YOU, our audience. When I hear your laughter and applause I smile knowing that you know that the Wump Mucket Puppets ROCK!

Wump Mucket Puppets Holiday Sing-A-Long & puppet show

You read that right. We’re squeezing one more show into 2010!

What: Wump Mucket Puppets Holiday Sing-A-Long & puppet show. Join the puppets as they sing some of their favorite Christmas time tunes, and perform an encore presentation of the soon to be a classic “Lil’ Red Sasquatch Hood” skit.

When: Thursday, December 30th at 11 AM

Where: Sidewinder Coffee & Tea
4181 Hamilton Avenue in Northside -Cincinnati’s “hippest” neighborhood!

How much: FREE!

Arrive early so you can get a good seat and bring your Jingle Bells!

What’s next?

As 2010 starts to wind down, I look back on it with some pride. I have finally, at the age of 45, become an amateur puppeteer. Is being an amateur a bad thing?
Not really.

I recall a line from Ken Nordine‘s “Adult Kindergarten”, “No one lives long enough to be anything but an amateur.”
Perhaps if I had followed my passion for puppetry back in the 80’s or 90’s I may be able to pay the bills with it. Then it could have become a “career” rather than a hobby.
Careers have always scared me, I have followed several of them and never really been very happy to where they have taken me. Whereas hobbies are doing something I love for the pleasure of it, nothing else. Sure, some hobbies may lead you to grand and wonderful places to meet fun and exciting people. I am up for that journey, as long as they aren’t wearing suits and neck ties when I get there.

As I move this little puppet troupe into 2011, I have begun to research puppet friendly venues to perform the show. Nothing solid to report just quite yet, however there are a few promising possibilities on the horizon.

I can tell you that I will be performing “Lil’ Red Sasquatch Hood” at a private holiday party for my fellow Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild members next month. I have been a CAPG member since 2001, when I began to focus my creative energy towards puppetry. They are the nicest puppet people I have met, and it will be a pleasure to perform for my puppetry guild.

Dim the lights, it’s slide show time everybody!

Here are a few photos from the three performances of our “Lil’ Red Sasquatch Hood” show on October 27, 2010.

Slide show of “Lil’ Red Sasquatch” puppet show

Many thanks to Jan Stenken at Winton Montessori School and William Lambeth at the Northside Farmers Market for having me perform.

Thanks to my daughter and son, Eleanor and Tiernan, for being my test audience and inspiration to perform puppets for children.

Thank you Mum and Dad(R.I.P), for seeing that I had an interest in puppetry all those years ago, and encouraging me to (finally) be a puppeteer.

Yet most of all, a HUGE HUG & KISS to the love of my life, my wife Lara, for staying up very late with me as we worked together to get this little puppet show out our front door and in front of an audience.

For those of you still reading (Hi Susan, Chris L., and Ruby Mae) thanks for your kind words of support as I ever so slowly put this little puppet troupe together, you are VERY cool people because you know that PUPPETS ROCK!

WOW! I’m bushed

Well my big puppet day of 3 shows all performed live on the same day is over.

Almost everything went well, and I even got the kids to laugh!

I’ll post more pictures soon.

Goodnight puppet people, Zzzzzzzz….


FREE PUPPET SHOW!!! – Wednesday October 27th – 5:30 & 6:30PM

Well the big show is coming up next week. I hope that you’ll come and see us!

WHAT: Wump Mucket Puppets presents: Lil Red Sasquatch Hood

WHEN: Wednesday, October 27th at 5:30PM and repeated at 6:30PM (the same show will be performed LIVE each time)

WHERE: Northside Farmers Market @ North Presbyterian Church, 4222 Hamilton Avenue in Northside.
Google Maps Link


WHY: For fun of course!

I hope to see our Cincinnati friends & fans there!

HEY KIDS! Have you tried this new cereal?!?

When I was a boy my mother rarely purchased any cereal that was sweetened. Most breakfasts were oatmeal, homemade granola (I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s), or even pancakes. I dreamed of being pumped up on any breakfast cereal that was pitched by an animated sales character.

When I started earning my own spending money delivering newspapers at the age of ten I knew what I would buy: Comic books, candy, and Cap’n Crunch cereal. Who cared if it ripped the roof of your mouth up? It was sweet! Soon I found a Cap’n Crunch clone cereal called Freakies (remember it was the 70’s). The animated commercials were cool, the jingle snappy, and there was a plastic toy inside! I loved Boss Moss, and would draw the Freakies for classmates in 4th grade.

So as I put my puppet show together over the past 9 (!!!) years, I knew that it had to have a “sponsor”. We know that all great kid’s shows from my youth were “brought to you by (read “buy”)” Kelloggs of Battlecreek, General Mills, or Post.

As an adult I’ve learned that the cereal companies practically bankrolled Saturday Morning cartoons. Why shouldn’t the Wump Mucket Puppets have a “sponsor” that the puppets can chat about?

Why not indeed!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls, I present the sweet cereal to top ALL sweet cereals!


Now before you call the FDA, remember…it’s only a puppet show. I think I’m going to get some miles of this gag gang, at least until some kid tries to get their parents to buy a box at the supermarket!

Eleanor wants the FREE Krunchy Kat Comic that is inside each specially marked box.

Still rolling along!

Many things are rolling here and there at the Wump Mucket HQ in lovely Northside.

The upgrade to the puppet stage is coming along with MUCH help from Lara, and NO help from the sales lady at Hancock Fabrics who shorted me on a few feet of Velcro…guess where I am no long shopping?

The props are looking cool, and need a bit more work before showtime.

Finally, I knocked out a pleasing looking flyer for the show, scratch that, it’s cool looking. I am proud of myself for making the flyer with very little knowledge of Open Office software. Yippee! Now if only I could figure out how to convert the PDF to HTML so I may share it with our lovely fans.

I shouls also mention that the “Lil Red Sasquatch Hood” show (as it’s been dubbed) will also be performed for Eleanor’s class at Winton Montessori School as a warm up for the “big show” on October 27th.

Time for some rest…Zzzzzz.