Welcome to our new blog home

Howdy friends, fans (both felt & flesh), and anyone else who may stumble our tiny bit of the Blogiverse. Thanks for coming by the new home of the Wump Mucket Puppets blog.

We are glad that you are interested in reading about the always evolving world of the Wump Mucket Puppets. Please check back often, leave a comment, share our blog with your family and friends, and by all means come see our show! After all, puppetry is best experienced live and Wump Mucket Puppets are as about as live as you can get!

Wump Mucket Puppets entertaining our fans at the Northside Farmers Market.

So, you may be wondering, what does this Burke guy have up his sleeve? Simply put, LOTS!  This year has been incredible for Wump Mucket Puppets. We have several great performances booked from September through December (check out our Performance Schedule here).

In addition to our live shows we are creating a short video for our favorite pizza shop, Northside’s one and only NYPD Pizza!  Puppets taking about pizza, what more could you ask for? This video project will be used to help promote NYPD’s new on-line ordering system. Coleman is very excited that he can now order pizza in just a few clicks! The video is in the pre-production stage right now as the script and storyboard get a few tweaks. We hope to have it completed soon and will share it with you over a slice of NYPD’s delicious pizza as soon as it ready -the video that is, not their pizza. Now there’s an idea! A Puppet Pizza Party! We’ll have to check into that and make sure that all the puppets can attend such a gala event. Would you attend? Let us now so we can start taking reservations.

Cyril and Coleman at Hoffner Park shooting a video.

Speaking of video, we have an second video project in the works that has been shot, and even given a very rough edit. Without spilling too many beans, we’ll let you know that the short video will be sent out to Cincinnati media outlets as a preview for an even grander production in 2012. Since we love to tease, we’ll give you a tiny clue: 2012 is an election year. Still curious? Good, keep checking back here at the official blog of the Wump Mucket Puppets.




We’ve moved

“Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”    -William Shakespeare 

Well it’s time to bid farewell to this little blog that has been the online home of Wump Mucket Puppets since 2005.  I am a little sad to say goodbye, and thrilled that the puppet troupe has grown from a childhood dream to a performing puppet company.

I hope that those of you who read my thoughts and ideas on this blog will follow our adventures on the new blog, as wells as our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  I will leave this blog up so new fans of Wump Mucket Puppets can learn about our little puppet troupe in it’s formative years.

Thanks for your interest, please stay in touch.

Puppeteer Terrence Burke with daughter Eleanor  around the time this blog was launched


Dubya Dubya Dubya…

It’s “DOUBLE YOU!!!”  for crying out loud!   Oh, sorry about that…

In case you just dropped in,  may I call your browser’s attention to look and see

You read that right!  At last our own website to tell the whole WWW about Wump Mucket Puppets!
Many thanks to Kevin Leidecker for all of his help in getting the website up and clicking 0101010101.  Oops, that’s machine talk.  😉

Of course this means that this blog will eventually move over to the “official” website in the not so distant future.  Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of advance warning.

The new website, like all of my projects, is a work in progress. Hey, aren’t we all nothing more than walking & talking “works in progress”?   I have quite a few cool ideas that I wish to add to the website as it develops. Click on over, look around, let me know what you think.

We are on a roll!

July has been a VERY busy month at the Wump Mucket Puppets secret HQ.  Our dragon parade puppet was met with many kind words.  Here’s the video:

Our show at the Northside library was very well attended.  Everyone had fun, and checked out a few books about puppetry and cryptozoology.  We would love to perform at our neighborhood’s library, and other libraries, in the not too distant future.

Speaking of the future…  there are a few very exciting things that are going to be happening to this little puppet troupe.  An “official” Wump Mucket Puppets website is in the planning stages, a short video to help promote our favorite pizza shop NYPD Pizza is in “pre-production”, and finally we will be announcing a future performance at one of Cincinnati’s fine museums very soon.

College Hill & Northside know that PUPPETS ROCK!!!

It’s been a busy week for the Wump Mucket Puppets and we love it!  Two shows performed in the same week and I haven’t lost my voice!  Remarkable. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to see our puppet shows in College Hill and our home turf of Northside.  We love to perform for you.  I honestly believe that keeping the puppet show small and local really is, in the grand scheme of things, something big!

I look forward to our next puppet show that will be INSIDE an air conditioned building!  YIPPEE!!!
Come and join us on Wednesday July 6th at the Northside branch of the Cincinnati Public Library at 3 PM.
You can look forward to a couple of new songs that the puppets and I have been working on over the last few weeks.  As Coleman has said before, “It’s gonna be great!”

It’s always nice to hear from you

 It’s always nice to hear what our audience thinks of our little puppet troupe.  Here are a couple of very nice comments sent to us from folks who saw our shows that were performed in May:

Thank you for a great show today!! 
Chloe is still talking about it :O)

Thank you for the wonderment. An amazing show! Bravo!!!

The puppets and I  are very pleased that our wonderful audience enjoys our antics so much.  We couldn’t have done it without YOU!  There are more shows scheduled throughout the summer.  Check back here, or on our Facebook page for the dates in the very near future.  We hope to see YOU there!


Come see us at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center on May 21st!

The puppets will be hopping into their box and rolling around the corner from our super secret Northside headquarters to entertain the families attending the Sampler Saturday at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, 4244 Hamilton Avenue on Saturday May 21st at 3:30 PM

What’s a Sampler Saturday you ask?  (from CFEC’s website)
It’s a smorgasbord of abbreviated demo classes! Considering a music class for your infant? Wondering if signing with your baby is right for you? Does a creative movement class sound fun for your toddler? What about an art class for your one year old? Maybe Spanish for your 2 year old? Cooking, puppetry, drama, yoga? We offer over 20 classes from Birth to 5 years – give us a try! And, if you’re already a CFEC regular, please invite a friend who hasn’t found out how awesome we are!

  • Saturday, May 21st; 3:30-5:30
  • 6 class samples will be offered, appropriate from Birth to age 5
  • A $5.00 donation is kindly requested  to help us thank our entertainer

*Those who make a donation will be entered into a drawing for a free Summer Term child’s class series of your choice (a $100 value!)!

More info at:  http://www.theplaceforfamilies.com/

I’ll be glad to meet and greet anyone who wishes to talk to the puppets after the show and will have our wonderful coloring page on hand for our younger fans.  See you at the show!

Is it STILL raining?

Now that the frame of the puppet stage has dried I thought I’d give our fans a heads up that there are several public performances in the pipeline for the Wump Mucket Puppets!

I promise that the dates (yes DATES!) will be posted very soon.  I want to iron out the small wrinkles in Cyril’s tail before I make an official announcement.  I hope you are as excited as I am!  I bet Coleman would rather stay in his box.

So try to stay dry (hey, that should be a song) and drop by this little bit of a blog real soon.  As always, thank YOU for your kind interest in the silly adventures of the Wump Mucket Puppets troupe.

Thank you for being a wonderful audience!

If you look at the smiling faces of the children that I performed for this morning you will see the reason why I am a puppeteer.  As I continue to develop my puppetry skills (and spills) I crave moments such as this when I can bring laughter and smiles to the people who are so kind to be my audience for half an hour.

Sure, the sky opened up and dropped a gazillion gallons of water on me while I was unloading to set up for the shows today, yet the show must go on!  A little rain never stopped the Wump Mucket Puppets!

Thanks to all the students and teachers in Room A3 at Winton Montessori School this morning, and the families who stopped by the Northside Farmers Market this evening to see the show. I hope to see you at our shows in the future.

Come out and see our first show of 2011!

A singing Sea Serpent, a picnic basket loving Sasquatch, and a large orange alien have been spotted in Northside!
The Wump Mucket Puppets return to the Northside Farmers Market for a free puppet show on Wednesday, April 27th at 5:30 PM.  The market is located at the North Presbyterian Church, 4222 Hamilton Avenue in Northside, of course.
The twenty-five minute live performance is family friendly and includes original songs, skits, and silliness written and performed by Northside puppeteer Terrence Burke.
Be sure not to miss this!
Here’s the snazzy poster