Nothing new

I guess I’ve already used that title… Oh well, I am working and daddying most of my time these days.

I’ll get some puppet stuff going sooner or later.

Until then, house work awaits!

It seems that Disney wants to spread the Muppets all over their world. Granted it would give a few more people the chance to perform a Muppet character. I, however, fel that this will cheapen the “brand”. Oh my, they are no longer felt & foam…they are a revenue generating brand.

So, if you agree…

Krofft Brothers on NPR

As a child I was simply MAD for the television program H.R. Pufnstuf.

I wanted to live on “Living Island”, and remember trying to make my own Pufnstuf costume for Halloween because the packaged one in the store looked like crap. Somewhere I found puppets of the Kling and Klang characters…probably at a thrift shop.

Now that I am a parent, and have played the DVD to my daughter I can still see the magic that was in that show. Sure it was a wee bit trippy, but it was FUN!

It seems that the Kroffts are trying to make a new feature film starring their beloved dragon mayor, I can’t wait! Just be sure to keep the theme song.

Here’s the NPR interview.


We did it!

The slam was attended by 35-40 people in the back room of Sidewinder Coffee & Tea. The audience seemed to be interested, yet a little uncertain of what to expect. Maybe that is good.

We hope to have another puppet slam there in February of 2006.

Getting it together

Well, I have hung posters around Northside, posted messages on boards, and emailed “the press” -whom I doubt will print anything anyway.

Our little puppet slam (slim?) is less than a week away!

I have practiced my song, with and without a puppet on my right hand, and feel that I know it well enough. If I goof up…big deal. 🙂

It should be fun to see what the other puppeteers do.


We had our August puppetry guild meeting this past Sunday (08/14/05), and I expressed that we still need puppeteers to perform at the October puppet slam. No one said “I’ll be there!”.

I am starting to wonder will we have ANY puppets at the puppet slam? What can I do to get people involved?

Another Devil head picture

I sketched this more detailed picture of the devil head puppet on July 24th. It took me a little while to figure out how to post the photo on Blogger!

I plan to make the head around 10 inches tall with exaggerated features, such as one eyeball to be larger than the other. Why? Who knows, perhaps that’s what I think a devil looks like in my mind’s eye.

To the right of the head you can see the claw-like hands that I plan to add to the puppet. I will first sculpt the heads & hands out of modeling clay, next the sculpture will be covered in paper pulp mixed with glue…yum! We’ll see how it goes.

In some puppet releated news, in my case anyway, the Cincinnati Public Library is offering a program called Comic Revolutions over the next three months. I have registered for the two workshops on comic book basics. I hope to learn a little more about scripting both puppet skits and comics from these FREE workshops. All in all it should be fun, and I get to see real live comic geeks!

Want to buy me an early birthday gift? Look no further, for here is a book that I would like to add to my collection: Puppetry: A World History by Eileen Blumenthal. I received a postcard from her publisher a few weeks ago and have yet to find it at the library. Maybe I will see a copy at work?