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Puppeteer beneath the Wump Mucket Puppets.

Looking for musician(s) to perform with…

I have posted this info on a few boards, I may as well put it here too:

DiY puppeteer is seeking a like minded solo singer/songwriter or duo to perform at the Northside Farmer’s Market in late September. My show is about 15-20 minutes long and I would like to share the performance time with a “artistically compatible” musician(s). The music must be family friendly, and not political, nor religious.
This is not a paying gig, but could be lots of fun!

If you read this blog, and know a musician in the Cincinnati area that may be interested in this, have them email me: wumpmucket AT fuse DOT net

I have had a few ideas about merging bands/music with my puppet show and would like to give it a try.

New puppet show date!

I am pleased to announce that the Wump Mucket Puppets will be performing an all original, all live show at the Northside Farmer’s Market at Hoffner Park in beautiful “downtown” Northside (in Cincinnati).

The show is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29, 2010. Show times will probably be at 5:30 PM and repeated at 6:30 PM. The show is FREE and appropriate for ALL AGES. The show times will be confirmed as we get closer to the date.

As far as the show goes…

It’s a secret for now, as I am still bashing ideas around inside my head. So you will have to keep reading this little blog to get more clues.

Remember kids, PUPPETS ROCK!

Live recording of (most of) my show

My performance at the Winton Montessori School picnic went well. The stage did not collapse, blow away, or ignite into flames. The children and parents enjoyed the show, and a few even thanked me for performing.

Lara tried to shoot some video, yet had a hard time watching both the camera and our children as you will see.

I have been able to review the video and notice that I have to keep all the puppets moving at all times, so they do not seem “dead”.

Overall, I had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

A pic from the past


With many thanks to my brother Chris, here’s a picture of me playing with an elephant puppet on Christmas morning in the 70’s. My best guess is that it’s around ’73. Those were the days! Sadly that puppet has been lost in time.

Thanks again Chris for providing this “important” photo from my misspent youth.

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Puppet Booth, Stage, Box, whatever…it’s coming together.

I have had a bit of trouble deciding how to hold the three frames of my PVC puppet booth together. I started building the stage about 2 years ago, life happened in between.
A few nights ago, or was it early in the morning, it hit me (as many of my ideas eventually do)…drill holes into the PVC and keep it all together with larger washers & wing nuts! To think, I was thinking about using velcro.

A quick stop at the hardware store and a morning in the backyard were all I needed to get this stage of the “stage” together. I am happy with it’s progress and feel that it should hold up to an outdoor performance.

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE? Oh, please excuse me for neglecting to mention that I have been requested to perform at Winton Montessori School on Saturday May 15 2010. I will probably run through my 10 minute show six or seven times between Noon and 3 PM that day.

So with that deadline approaching I am staying on top of getting this stage together. I’ll spare you any boring photos of an unfinished stage, and leave that for the finished project.

Cyril visits the Cincinnati Zoo

In an attempt to be creative with my puppets, and spend time outside with my children, I brought the Cyril puppet to the fabulous Cincinnati Zoo and made this little video:

The video could have been longer, however some bird in the butterfly garden decided that Cyril made a great target for it’s crap! Oh, I was ticked off!
Luckily the bird crap came off and I learned a lesson:

Never try to make a puppet video where there are captive birds!

I love a parade!

I took my children to the Cincinnati Reds’ Opening Day Parade. We were planning to sit back and enjoy the lovely weather while watching the annual event when this pesky sea serpent showed up and took over my right arm!
Here’s the video clip:

We had a ball!
Too bad The Reds lost today. 🙁

My first fan art!

No amount of money could replace the feeling I felt when my wife told me that the students that I performed for last month created thank you cards, complete with pictures of my puppets!


I was really touched, and impressed with their artwork. The children must have been paying attention to my little show, because their art really captures the likeness of Cyril, Coleman, and G’Wazzl G’Wook.


What is special to me is that these children were my first audience that were there to see my puppets. All of my previous performances have been in puppet slams with other puppeteers.


It is very obvious that I made some sort of connection with them in the ten minute show. That connection is priceless. It may be foolish, yet making money through puppetry has never been my motivation.

Cyril, TjB, and G'Wazzl

Here is some of the children’s art:

Cyril and his tail fan art

Cyril fan art

G'Wazzl & Cyril fan art




Coleman & Cyril fan art

Cyril & Coleman fan art

G'Wazzl fan art