The Show

The Show

Original stories, songs, and silliness performed by the Wump Mucket Puppets.
 photo 1b4da465-e4e3-4767-8fdf-b0a95bd09e7c_zps0duy4oey.jpgOur kid-pleasing performance is presented as a rollicking variety show, with our puppet cast singing catchy tunes, telling silly jokes and riddles, and performing a captivating story or two!  Every performance begins with a warm-up introduction with puppeteer Terrence Burke, and ends with a Meet & Greet session with our stars!

NEW FOR 2017:
 photo WMP Bee Happy rainbow_zpsox0lmr9z.jpeg

This lively performance features two new puppet skits that compliment the 2017 Collaborative Summer Library Program theme “Build a Better World”, yet can be enjoyed by all audiencesWe are sure that our young audience members will be BUZZING about this all Summer.  Perfect for children ages 3-10 and their families!

Bee Happy – Features our puppet star Super Space Princess G’Wizzl visiting The Queen Bee, to learn how bees help us, and how we can help them.  This story will get kids up and dancing to a bee dance!

Coleman’s Green Team – Has our popular furry friend Coleman the Sasquatch sharing simple things that the friendly puppet Witch Willie (and our young audience) can do to “be Green” by not being a litterbug, and take better care of our world.

The show is rounded out with our co-hosts Cyril and Coleman’s silliness, as well as some fun with Unka Unka the caveman planting a flower garden on the puppet stage!

Run-time approximately 35 minutes.

Also available for booking:

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Performed for thousands of happy children over the 2016-17 season, The Knight Who Slept All Day tells the story of a young knight, played by Coleman the Sasquatch, who is sent on a quest by Queen Jacqui to stop The Beast who lurks in the Cereal Mines.  This tale promotes peacefully resolving a problem.

The show opens with The Great Puppet Race story , where four puppet racers visit the sunken ruins of Atlantis, a mountaintop, a peaceful frog pond, even outer space to find word clues that share the magnificent message “Reading Makes Everyone Winners”.  Perfect for library programs or early literacy curriculum.

Included in this popular show, is Unka Unka’s visit to a beach to build a sand castle, and try to eat a squeaky hotdog.  Guaranteed to have the kids laughing at his silly antics!

This show is perfect for children ages 3-10 and their families.  Run-time approximately 35 minutes.

Enjoy our TV guest segment on FOX19 to see more about this show  WATCH HERE

Available for October booking:

Wump Mucket Puppets Kooky Spooky Halloween Show

The Kooky Spooky Halloween Show
Making it’s debut in October 2016, The Kooky Spooky Halloween Show is 30 minutes of SPOOK-tacular Halloween puppet FUN!  The featured story is The Ghost Who Couldn’t Say BOO! starring Witch Willie and Morty the Ghost, and tells the silly (not scary) tale of a ghost who has trouble scaring people at Halloween.  This tale explains that sometimes we are not what others expect us to be, and to be ourselves.

Opening this show, Cyril the Sea Serpent plays gameshow host during our make-believe gameshow parody “Goofy Gourmet”, with our puppets cooking up crazy Halloween concoctions!

Included in this show is Unka Unka the caveman’s attempt at trick-or-treating, and being confused for a child wearing a silly costume.

This show is appropriate for children ages 3-10, and is popular with grandparents too!  Run-time approximately 30 minutes.

Watch Witch Willie on live TV  with Bob Herzog on Local 12   WATCH HERE

 Available for December bookings:Wump Mucket Puppets Frozen Follies

Frozen Follies
Celebrate the season with our puppet stars!  Our holiday show features a prairie tale from Bucket Gulch, “The Great Marshmallow Harvest”, where Coleman and his family discover marshmallows growing on their farm one day in December.

New for 2017!   “The Many Names of Santa Claus”, alien princess G’Wizzl learns what different cultures call this jolly Christmas visitor and includes a very special guest!

Also new this year, a visit from Pabu the Yule Yeti!

Appropriate for children ages 3-10.  Run-time approximately 30 minutes.

Wump Mucket Puppets Tales from Bucket Gulch

Brand new prairie tales from the make-believe town of Bucket Gulch.  Western themed fun with Jacqui the Jackalope and cowpokes Coleman and Reg, who have a silly cow that won’t say “moo”. The show is sure to get the audience hootin’ and hollerin’ with new original songs and silliness.

Appropriate for lil’ cowpokes ages 3-10, and their older kin too.
Run-time approximately 30 minutes.