The Show

The Show

The original skits, songs, and silliness performed by the Wump Mucket Puppets.
 photo 9fc355ce-ac74-4c07-b312-b69dbbcfa42b_zpsq9a8qnx5.jpgOur kid-pleasing performance is presented as a rollicking variety show, with our puppet stars singing catchy tunes, telling silly jokes & riddles, and performing a captivating skit or two!

The Skits

Here are the skits that we have brought to our puppet stage over the years:

  • Lil Red Sasquatch Hood starring Coleman, Cyril, and G’Wazzl
  • Purply Locks and the Three Squatches starring Coleman and Cyril
  • The Elvis and the Shoemaker starring Unka Unka and Cyril
  • Billy the Christmas Moose – A holiday tale told by Cyril
  • The Legend of the Loveland Frog Prince starring Coleman and Reg
  • Super Space Princess and the Pirates from Zwonk starring G’Wizzl
  • The Great Marshmallow Harvest starring Jacqui and Coleman
  • The Great Puppet Race starring many members of our cast
  • The Knight who Slept All Day starring Jacqui, Coleman, and Cyril
  • The Ghost Who Couldn’t Say BOO! starring Morty and Witch Willie

 photo image1_zpshbca5azg.jpg
This lively 30 minute performance features two new puppet skits that compliment the 2017 Collaborative Summer Library Program theme “Build a Better World”, yet can be enjoyed by all audiencesWe are sure that our young audience members will be BUZZING about this all Summer.

Bee Happy – Features our puppet stars Coleman the Sasquatch and Space Princess G’Wizzl visiting The Queen Bee, to learn how bees help us, and how we can help them.

Coleman’s Green Team – Has our popular furry friend Coleman sharing simple things that our friendly new character Witch Willie (and our young audience) can do to “be Green” by helping recycle, not be a litterbug, and taking care of our world.

The Songs

Our show features original tunes that parents have told us that they have heard their children singing at home!  Here are the titles and themes of our songs:

  • Hello Song – Cyril greets the audience
  • Puppets Are Popping Up – Coleman and Cyril’s theme tune
  • We Love our Library – Cyril expresses his fondness for libraries
  • Cryptozoology – Cyril sings about strange hidden creatures
  • Bitter About Litter – Coleman’s tune to help stop littering
  • Things That I Dream – Coleman’s whimsical tune about dreaming
  • What is a UFO? – G’Wazzl and Coleman ponder UFOs
  • Summer in Cincinnati – Cyril and Coleman’s do-wop tune
  • Pluto’s Song – Coleman and G’Wazzl’s ode to the planet Pluto
  • Please & Thank You – Cyril and Coleman’s duet about manners
  • Father’s Day – Coleman sings about Fathers
  • Christmas Time in Cincinnati – Cyril and Coleman’s holiday tune
  • The Schnecken Song – Coleman sings about this lovely pastry
  • Springtime for Sasquatch – Coleman’s tribute to Spring
  • Unka’s Theme – To introduce our silly caveman
  • Princess Superhero – G’Wizzl wishes for super powers
  • Why Do Pirates Say ARGH? – Unka sings this silly space pirate tune
  • Goodbye Song – Cyril and Coleman sing goodbye to everyone

All songs  © 2010-2017 Terrence J. Burke

The Silliness

Wump Mucket Puppets are a puppet troupe that’s SILLY with a capital S

Whether it’s Coleman’s love for odd food combinations (such as macaroni & toothpaste salad), G’Wazzl’s peculiar space alien observations of life on Earth (Don’t eat baseballs!) or Unka Unka’s inability to catch a pesky little rock, our puppet cast will keep you laughing.
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