Preschool Puppeteer Visit

Wump Mucket Puppets Preschool Puppeteer Visit

Our preschool puppeteer visit is off to a great start. This free offer is available to new clients at preschools in the Cincinnati area. It allows a fun opportunity for students to enjoy a 10-minute visit from puppeteer Terrence Burke and a few of his puppet characters. Complete details about the offer can be found here.

Why Puppets Matter

Puppets are used as educational aids worldwide. Puppet shows are frequently a child’s first theatrical experience. Preschoolers’ benefit from puppetry includes developed social skills, encouraged creativity, and dramatic play. Enjoy this helpful article for educators: Using Puppets in Child Care by the eXtention Foundation.

Who are Puppet Shows for?

Puppet shows are most enjoyed by girls and boys ages four and up. However, younger children do enjoy the stories that the Wump Mucket Puppets perform. It is more of a suggestion, as some three-year-olds really love our performances.

Younger members of our audience are happy to see our characters, while older children are able to follow the stories and interact with the puppets.

Book a FREE puppeteer visit

Our preschool puppeteer visits are available to new clients from January through May. This promotional offer is a 10-minute visit and not a complete production. Since this visit is being offered at no charge to the preschool, we do not invoice the preschool.

Contact us through our website and schedule a Wump Mucket Puppets preschool puppeteer visit for your preschool today. Click here for our contact form