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3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

Wump Mucket Puppets newest touring show “Space is the Place” launches on June 3rd with the premiere performance at the Plain City Public Library. I am very excited to have the show on the road to be enjoyed by children and their families.

The production has lots of new “spacey” music, a new story called “Squatch on the Moon, and most exciting… a brand new puppet! G”Weezl joins our cast this summer. He is performing with Coleman the Sasquatch in a tale that has Coleman dreaming about landing on the moon after reading about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969.

To the Stars!

I can still remember watching the moon landing on our family’s small black and white television set. I grew up during the Apollo Missions era. It was thrilling to know that man had achieved a goal that was seemingly impossible.

Through my puppet characters, I bring the innocent sense of wonder that I experienced as a boy. Space science and history are lots of fun when performed by our cast of silly, colorful puppet stars. We even launch a rocketship and a UFO from the puppet stage!

Listen to my May 24, 2019 radio interview on WVXU’s “Around Cincinnati” program.

Princess Power!

Wump Mucket Puppets G'Wizzl and Unka Unka on FOX 45

The second story in the show is a reworked version of the story “Super Space Princess and the Pirates from Zwonk” that was first performed over the summer of 2015.

The script remains intact for the most part, and includes G’Wizzl’s signature song “Princess Superhero”. New music and sound effects have been added to the segment. I think that they really make it shine. If that wasn’t enough upgrades, G’Wizzl and her Uncle King G’Wazzl now wear new capes that are very groovy.

The character of G’Wizzl is very special to me. She was created by my wife Lara and was originally going to be performed by my daughter Eleanor. When Eleanor expressed that she was uncomfortable performing, I had to figure out how to sound like a ten or eleven-year-old alien princess. It wasn’t as easy as you may think. My natural speaking voice is very deep. However, with practice, I created a character voice that I can now speak and sing with. Best of all, the young ladies in my audience simply adore her.

Come see the stars!

The weeks of writing scripts, recording music, building set pieces, and creating a new puppet character is over. The show is ready to leave the rehearsal space (our living room), and travel to the real stars of tomorrow, the children in my audience.

A complete tour schedule is available on the calendar page. If you are a library, school, community center, event planner in need of original, high-quality family entertainment, “Space is the Place” is available for bookings from August through 2020. Please contact me via our contact form if you are interested.