Hope you had a Happy Halloween

Hope You Had a Happy Halloween Wump Mucket Puppets cast photo

I certainly had a very Happy Halloween as I performed The Kooky Spooky Halloween Show around Great Cincinnati in October.  The Wump Mucket Puppets even traveled to Columbus, Indiana to perform at the Bartholomew County Public Library to a FULL HOUSE!  It is certainly a thrill as a puppeteer to be on stage for a large audience.

Here are some photos and memories to share with you from the puppet shows that I had the pleasure of bringing to children this past month.  I wish to thank all the venues that booked The Kooky Spooky Halloween Show.  An extra special “BOO!” to all the kids who came to see me and the puppets.


Merlin Soars!

Merlin the Bat puppet is a new addition to the Halloween show.  I didn’t feel that the skit that started the show was being understood by my audience.  Maybe puppets pretending to be on a cooking game show was a little bit abstract.  Adding the new “BAT-tastic” segment did the trick and Merlin has already begun to gain fans of all ages.  I saw many great bat dancers in October!

Downtown Witch Willie

What a thrill it was for me to perform at the Public Library of Cincinnati’s Main Library located in Downtown Cincinnati.  While this may not seem such a big deal to some, it matters very much to me.  The children and families who came to see my show at the library’s HallowREAD had a great time.  Certainly, that’s what matters the most.  I look forward to performing at the Main Library in the near future.  Witch Willie wants to find a copy of Space Witch by Don Freeman to read.

Puppets ROCK at WordPlay Cincy

For most of October, I was leading a Saturday morning puppetry workshop for children at the Northside language arts center WordPlay Cincy.  I am very grateful to the staff for asking me to participate in the workshop.  The kids were great to work with.  I am very excited to stop by in a few weeks to watch their finished puppet shows.

Now November is here.  The Kooky Spooky Halloween cast is tucked into their bags in a trunk, waiting to bring a Happy Halloween to new audiences in 2019.