Bat puppet

Bat puppet building has begun!  This new bat puppet character will be joining Gourdin the Pumpkin Man, Witch Willie, and Morty the Ghost in our Kooky Spooky Halloween Show this October.

Over the summer I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two little bats, that were actually big brown bats.  Our daughter and son are very interested in bats, so my wife Lara arranged a meeting with the bats and their human helper Anita who has been working with educating people about bats for many years.  I found this very, very interesting, having always thought that bats are rather cute and not scary at all.  Lara then made the suggestion that I write a story that will help children understand bats better.  What a great idea that is, especially to perform for our young audience during October, as we celebrate Halloween!

During the last several weeks I have been reading several books and looking at websites about bats to include useful bat facts in my script.  I am calling this segment of the show “BAT-TASTIC!”  I feel that they are truly one of nature’s marvels.  It’s a shame that so many people are afraid of these little critters.  One of the books that I have found very helpful in my research is “America’s Neighborhood Bats” by Merlin Tuttle. He was the founding director of  Bat Conservation International.  While he no longer leads that organization, he is still very interested and involved in helping bats.  Take a look at his website for lots of helpful information: Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation

In addition to the new puppet, who coincidentally will be named “Merlin”, I will be creating a groovy new piece of “batty” electronic dance music for my audience to enjoy and dance to at the show.

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Wump Mucket Puppets Kooky Spooky Halloween Show