Wump Mucket Puppets Notes from the Road blog title     Notes from the Road June 2015Notes from the Road June 2015

Summertime is puppet time!  Here are a collection of thoughts, observations, and special moments in my adventures over the Summer of 2015 as a touring puppeteer.  Here are my notes from the road for June 2015.


June 1, 2015 Monday 

Performed at Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati

Today I performed with my daughter Eleanor at the Ronald McDonald House.   I have been donating performances there four years now.  Every show brings joy to children and families that need laughter and silliness in their lives.
 Wump Mucket Puppets at at Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati  June 2015 Notes from the Road June 2015

We had six to seven families in the theatre and we used the house lights to brighten up our stage, it looks great!  Eleanor had never seen the stage with lights on the scrim.

Our Unka and Little Rock bit get’s big laughs as usual, and we can see families gathered on the second floor balcony watching our show.  The puppets love a big audience!

G’Wizzl makes her first public appearance at the end of the show, and is brought on stage by Eleanor.  The young girls in the audience are very interested in our new girl alien character.  This is very special, since it was Eleanor who had suggested that we create her.  While Eleanor is not ready to perform a speaking character just yet, she continues to show interest.
Wump Mucket P uppets GWizzl and Eleanor at Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati Notes from the Road June 2015

I accidentally bump my left thumb, which was crunched at a show on May 15th.  OUCH!

Our post-show meet & greet is a magical time.  We took a few photos with the families who enjoyed the show, passed out coloring pages, and chatted with the children.  Cyril and Coleman met with a little girl named Molly and sing “Please and Thank You” for her.  They then joined her in singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Wump Mucket Puppets outside Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati  June 2015 Notes from the Road June 2015

Magic happened on this night.


June 4, 2015 Thursday

Performed at Little Red School House Greendale, IN
Wump Mucket Puppets  Terrence Burke and G'Wizzl outside Little Red School House June 2015 Notes from the Road June 2015

This was our second performance at this school this year!  I love happy clients!  We always have an excellent audience in Greendale, Indiana.

While loading in, two little girls were peeking out of a classroom and said, “Hi puppets!”.  Today was the intergalactic premiere of our newest skit “Super Space Princess and the Pirates from Zwonk”!

Coleman can ramble (or is that his puppeteer?) and went on about crazy picnic food.  This got sillier when he almost got Cyril with suggesting that he bring potato chips with his picnic lunch.  Cy was expecting a crazy Sasquatch recipe, it got laughs along with a silly joke about ants.  My son Tiernan provided a knock-knock joke about candy, which also brought laughter from the children.
Wump Mucket Puppets at Little Red School House Greendale Indiana Notes from the Road June 2015

The segment changes were a little bumpy and need to flow more.  This will happen as the show rolls along.

The Super Space Princess skit goes well, and the audience really likes G’Wizzl.  We have a new star in the cast!  Out first girl puppet!!!

The meet and greet is great!  The children, ages 4-8, are very interested in my puppets and ask great questions about design, voice characterization, and puppet construction.  About ten kids hang around to look backstage, see the props, puppets, etc.  One little girl asks where my daughter is?  I guess she’s seen us perform together elsewhere, since Eleanor has not performed at this school.

While packing the gear into my car, several children run up to the fence that encloses the playground and shout, “Bye puppet guy!”


To Be Continued…