Wump Mucket Puppets on WVXU

Baby, if you’ve ever wondered
Wondered whatever became of me
I’m living on the air in Cincinnati
Cincinnati, WVXU

 photo WMP Reg on the radio_zpsmipmt420.jpg

Wump Mucket Puppets returned to the Cincinnati airwaves on WVXU 91.7 FM to be guests on Around Cincinnati on Sunday April 26, 2015.  Missed the broadcast?  Live outside the WVXU area?  Fear not dear fan, for here is the link to enjoy the interview.

Many thanks to host Anne Arenstein and producer Lee Hay for having Coleman the Sasquatch and Reg the Loveland Frog, along with their  puppeteer, as guests.  This was the first time that Reg had been on the radio, so be sure to listen to his silly bit of singing, with apologies to the rock superstar Prince -who Reg is a big fan of.  Ribbitt!

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