Wump Mucket Puppets - Terrence Burke puppeteer and chracters

Cyril, Terrence, and Unka Unka ham it up for the camera.

A Puppet Rocking Day!

I have no time for a proper blog right now, as I am in the middle of building THREE new puppets, a mask, and more, yet I wish to share this with our friends and fans.
As many of you know Wump Mucket Puppets regularly donates performances to non-profit organizations. This afternoon’s show at Community Services of Northern Kentucky was one of those magical moments that once again proves to me that my path in puppetry is pretty clear; share the knowledge, spread the joy.

Several of our audience members approached me after today’s puppet show, with smiles so bright you could probably see them on the moon. They told me several times how much them LOVED my puppetry. One woman asked if I knew the legendary Cincinnati puppeteer Larry Smith, and said  that I reminder her of his show that she watched as a young girl. I told her that while I did not grow up in Cincinnati, I have met him several times at Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild meetings and events. She then asked if Larry still performs, and I explained that he has retired from performing his lovable characters. To this she replied, “You should ask him if YOU can perform his puppets for us!”
I am very touched that someone sees a similarity in our styles, and that I was able to bring back a bit of her childhood for thirty minutes.  This is why dear friends and fans that PUPPETS ROCK!

Now back to getting messy with glue!