FUNday Monday # 8 2-24-14

My goodness!  Wump Mucket Puppets’ FUNday Monday is now two months old!  Thanks to all our pals for watching Coleman and his super special guests every Monday.  Who’s that guy wearing the silly orange hat with Coleman in today’s video?

We are very happy to share some silliness with you, so won’t you share a joke, riddle, or silly poem with Coleman?  Send it in so we can continue our quest to make every Monday in 2014 a FUNday!

Perhaps we should ask for jokes or riddles of a particular theme or idea?  Sound good?  GREAT!  Let’s see who’s wearing their thinking cap (or reading this silliness) by asking our pals to send us a riddle or joke about one of Coleman’s favorite things…  SNACKS!  Please remember to keep your silly joke submission family friendly, we have many young pals.

Thanks for watching everyone.  We’ll see you in March, Puppets ROCK!

Wump Mucket Puppets - Coleman the Sasquatch

Wump Mucket Puppets – Coleman the Sasquatch