What is it about puppetry that I love so much?  Terrence Burke talking with students at Compass School Mason, Ohio

Is it seeing my doodles and sketches climb out of my sketchbook and onto the puppet stage?  Maybe it’s hearing the audience laugh and applaud at the silly songs that I write and sing?  I do look forward to meeting folks after the show and have them chat a little with the puppets.  Honestly I love to do all of these things, and my time as a puppeteer would not be the same without the production, performance, and interaction with the audience.  Puppetry has so many great things going for it, I could talk about it for days!

It seems some folks have heard me mention this, and want to hear more!  Don’t get me wrong, I love to perform my puppet characters quite a bit.  Yet if a group or school would like me to yack a bit about my love of puppets, I am on my way!

Later this month I have been invited to speak to the members of the Cincinnati Woman’s Connection during their monthly luncheon.  I look forward to sharing my story with them, and perhaps make a few new friends for the Wump Mucket Puppets.  I hope they know how big an appetite Coleman has!  Maybe I had better bring a snack for him?

This all began when I was invited to talk to a class at the Compass School in Mason Ohio last September.  The students where told to select someone that they would like to meet, and they chose a puppeteer – ME!  With some help from their teacher of course.  Since then I have also been invited to lecture about puppetry at the Ohio Entertainer’s Camp, that was organized my my puppeteer pal Bob Abdou in Columbus, Ohio this past Spring.  It was a BLAST!

Here’s a photo of Bob and I during the pie fight:

Terrence Burke and Bob Abdou

Terrence Burke and Bob Abdou

If your class, group, or organization would like to learn more about my friendly tale of becoming a puppeteer, feel free to contact me.  I love to chat about puppets!