Happy Mother's Day G'Wazzl
My mother (Hi Mum!) was my first “audience” many, many years ago.  I learned how to spell the word “puppet” with her help. She helped me make a guitar out of cardboard so I could “play along” with my Banana Splits record…  a million times! She was the one who enrolled me in a puppetry class at the YMCA, and encouraged me to display the stop-motion animation figures that I made at our local library. Some how she agreed to allow me to make a plaster cast of her face (while breathing through a straw) so I could create latex prosthetic make-up appliances.

My wife Lara is very much the “mother” of our puppet characters. She helps refine my sketches and doodles of characters, then uses her many creative skills to make the puppets jump off the page and onto the puppet stage. Lara’s ideas and input help make Wump Mucket Puppets the family puppet troupe that we are. Whether it’s puppet building, script tweaking, or suggesting a theme for a song, Lara’s is very much a part of the Wump Mucket Puppets world.

Finally, thanks to all the moms who bring our young fans to see our shows. We really appreciate that you choose Wump Mucket Puppets to entertain your children.