With Christmas less then a week away, I find myself remembering when I was a boy growing up in New England.  Our family would often buy a live tree at a tree farm in New Hampshire.  In early to mid-November we would pile into my mother’s VW bus (without heat!), drive to the farm, and try to agree on a Christmas tree, and eventually tag it.  A few weeks later we would return to have the tree cut down and tied to the roof of the car.  Although my memory of what decorations we used is a bit foggy, I do remember that my parents had sets of Christmas lights that had large bulbs, possibly from the late 1950’s.  When the holidays were over we would drag the tree to the compost pile that sat at the edge of our yard to return to the soil.

My children have only known an artificial tree.  They have never complained about this. Years before we had children, my wife and I bought one because we just couldn’t justify buying a Christmas tree every year, to throw it away.  It seems wasteful.   Once we had a small potted Norfolk Pine tree -one of our cats peed on the tree and killed it!  The cats have since passed away, yet the plastic tree lives!

Puppeteer Terrence Burke of Wump Mucket Puppets

Whether you use a “paper or plastic” Christmas tree, I hope that you enjoy the fun times had around it with your family and friends.  Happy Holidays!

Here’s a fun holiday video I found that i hope you get a chuckle out of:

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