Unidentified floating oatmeal?

Undocumented ferocious octopus?

How about a new tune for Coleman and G’Wazzl to sing while “flying” around in the groovy new spacecraft that is being built for the puppet show!  Yes, dear puppet pals, you will believe that a Sasquatch and a big Orange alien can fly!

G'Wazzl eyes a toy U.F.O. at Wump Mucket Puppets HQ

Why a U.F.O.?  Why not!  G’Wazzl has been visiting Earth, and the puppet stage, for too long.  I felt it was time to give our orange friend from the stars a bit more stage time, and launching a spacecraft seemed like the logical thing to do.  Logical.  Get it?

Back to U.F.O.s…   I have been a fan of science fact and fiction for almost as long as I have been puppet crazy.   I grew up with men landing on the moon, watching Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Far Out Space Nuts on television.  My father was very interested in the possibility of life on other planets, and shared that interest with me.

G'Wazzl reads a book about U.F.O.s at Wump Mucket Puppets HQ


One of the many wonderful things about puppetry, it that you can take the puppets anywhere your imagination can go.  We hope that you (and your imagination) will join us when we launch our U.F.O. on Fountain Square next month.  To the stars!