What a day it’s been!  I did not sleep very well last night as I anticipated my guest appearance on Cincinnati television station FOX 19’s Morning Xtra program this morning.  Of course a few minor things happened as I prepared to leave Wump Mucket’s super secret HQ in Northside.  The GPS would not stay in it’s base, so I left it on my lap, then there was traffic on the highway due to an accident (with 4 fire trucks!), and finally the @#$!ing GPS directed me to the BACK of the TV station!  Argh!  Good thing I left early.

Cyril at FOX 19

Cyril at FOX 19

Everyone at FOX 19 was very friendly and made me feel welcome.   I hope that they will invite me and the puppets back on in the not too distant future because Coleman is rather ticked off that he didn’t get to come along.  The things I do for these silly puppets!

Terrence Burke and Cyril at FOX 19

Terrence and Cyril in the Green Room at FOX 19

For those of you who missed the show, or live outside the Cincinnati area, here’s a link to the video:

Thanks Frank, Tracey, Sheila, and the entire FOX 19 crew, you know that PUPPETS ROCK!