I am very please to say that the video that I have created for our good friends at NYPD Pizza has been shot, well at least 98% of it.  This will be the first time that Wump Mucket Puppets have created something with their brand of silliness to promote a business.  Who knows gang, this could be the start of something big!

G'Wazzl and Cyril Wump Mucket Puppets NYPDpizza.com

G'Wazzl and Cyril playing themselves in the NYPDpizza.com video

After a few delays, such as rain and a puppeteer with a very bad cold, we were able to visit the playground in Parkers Woods in Northside to shoot the commercial this morning.  Many thanks to our good friend Marcelina Robledo who ran the camera, and helped keep the puppets in line.  Check out her blog at marcelinarobledo.com


Here is a little teaser for you to enjoy while the video is “cooked” into a tasty slice of puppety pizza fun:

As they used to say on TV, stay tuned for more exciting Wump Mucket Puppets news!