On behalf of all the puppets, a big thank you to everyone who came to see our two shows this afternoon at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Family First Saturday.  We had a wonderful time telling jokes, singing songs, and hearing your laughter and applause.

Terrence Burke welcoming the audience at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

It was great to see our friends, both new and old, and hope that our Knock Knock jokes weren’t too painful.  Coleman loves telling these silly jokes, and will keep doing so as long as he gets the laughs.

If this was your first Wump Mucket Puppets show, thanks for coming to our performance.  We hope that you enjoyed it enough to tell your family and friends about our fun little show, and will join us again at a future performance.

Speaking of the future, as we explore the many connections made available through social media, here’s a very recent connection that was made after the publishers of the Bigfoot Ballyhoo internet magazine found one of Coleman’s videos on YouTube.  Here’s a link to their blog:
Bigfoot Ballyhoo Blog
Today’s shows were just the start of a very busy 2011, and we are very please to be saying so.  Thanks again to our lovely audience, and the staff at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  You know that Wump Mucket Puppets ROCK!

Cyril and Terrence Burke before performing at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Sept. 3 2011.