The way we connect these days is still a big kick to me.  Ages ago I was very active in the underground music community.  I recorded electronic music, traded tapes (remember those?), published a music zine, even had my own radio program.  All the communication was via the postal service, and as thrilling as it was to receive as much mail as I did, it was slow.  Very slow.

Now, in the 21st century, we find people we know, used to know, want to know, even don’t want to know via Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media sites.  When I first started using these for my own personal use, I found it could be a major waste of my precious time.  Last year I took several weeks “off-line” to focus on getting the live puppet show into shape.  As Wump Mucket Puppets began to catch on, I started to set up accounts on various sites (does ANYONE look at MySpace any more???) to help promote it.

Several weeks ago, after reading a few books about how to use these sites, I began to make connections with puppeteers, artists, and fans.  One of these people that I connected with is artist Andy Finkle.  I think I first read about him on the always interesting cryptozoology blog Cryptomundo, and really liked the pictures that he had painted of various creatures.  Soon after I found him on-line and we connected a bit more with our shared interest of Doctor Who.

Andy expressed interest in painting a picture of one of my puppet characters, and asked for my permission.  Here is what he created:

Quo Kwa Quo Quo, nice painting!

G'Wazzl G'Wook by Andy Finkle, 2011

I must share with you, that I was very moved by his painting of G’Wazzl.    To have another artist capture the spirit of one of my characters means quite a bit to me.  The music side of my creative brain compares it to hearing another band play a cover version of your song, and make it their own without soiling the source material.  To this I say “thank you” to Andy, you are a very talented artist and I appreciate your interest in my puppets.

G’Wazzl will be making an announcement regarding this fine piece of “orange alien art” very soon.  Meanwhile, please take a look at Andy’s art at