Coleman’s Vlog – Episode 2 is “on the net”

I am very happy to announce that “Out of the Woods with Coleman the Sasquatch” Episode 2 is finished and awaiting your eyes & ears.

In this thrilling episode Coleman follows up on a call from his pal Michael, who thinks that he may have seen a large, strange, smelly creature lurking in the woods behind his house.

Let’s “tune in” and see what they find…

So, did you enjoy it? We had a grand time making the video in Williamstown, Kentucky at the home of our very dear friends Chris and Reynae Lockhart.  Chris was very helpful and was our cameraman for the video.  Did you see his cameo as a grumpy property owner?   Michael Switzer, was a very enthusiastic and patient actor. Thanks Michael for putting up with Coleman and his puppeteer!

The cast of Episode 2 relax between takes. In this photo: Terrence Burke, Coleman the Sasquatch, Michael Switzer

Did you know that there have been Bigfoot sightings in Kentucky?  I can help but wonder if a Sasquatch family may have been watching us while we made the video.

Where shall Coleman go next?  Why not make a suggestion and join the official Wump Mucket Puppets Facebook fan page.

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