I am 110% thrilled to say that on Wednesday July 6th the Wump Mucket Puppets will be performing at the Northside Branch of the Cincinnati Public Library, 4219  Hamilton Avenue, Northside, Cincinnati  (513) 369-4449.

 Here’s the Google link to help you find the Northside Library

July 11 Puppet Poster

The show starts at 3PM and runs about a half hour.  After the show I will be conducting a “Question & Answers” session with the audience about puppetry.  So please bring some questions for the puppets, and with some luck they will have a few answers for you.  Oh, tell all your friends about this FREE show!  We want to pack the room and have arranged to have books about puppetry and cryptozoology available to borrow, so bring your library card.

G’Wazzl gets a chuckle from old Earth comics

Why am I so happy to be performing at our neighborhood library you wonder?  The answer is simple, I LOVE LIBRARIES!  I remember my mother walking me and my sisters and brothers to the Ballardvale library when we were all very young, reading books to us, and the best part, being able to bring the book or record (yes record!) home to read or listen to again.  Libraries are one of the treasures in life that should be enjoyed and used frequently.  My family must visit the wonderful Northside library several times a week. 

Coleman reading one of his favorite books

I am also very please to say that to celebrate the Wump Mucket Puppets performance  at the Northside Library, I have written a new tune for Cyril to sing about his love of the library.  We hope to see you at the show!

Cyril loves reading about his cousin Champ