I am donating a child’s birthday party puppet show to the silent auction at the Northside Generations concert.  This fundraiser is to help replace the banners that hang over the Ludlow viaduct to welcome visitors to our funky neighborhhood.  In addition to the musical performances, that feature different generations of Northsiders, there will be a silent auction of goods and services donated by people in the neighborhood.

Here’s a photo of the “gift card” that I made:
Generations Silent Auction card

I hope that the auction goes well, and look forward to perform my one of a kind puppet shows at a lucky neighbor’s birthday party.

Here’s the info about the event:

7:00 – 11:00 PM
The Deaf Club
3938 Spring Grove Avenue
For information 513-542-2500
or timjeckering@fuse.net

One of my favorite Sesame Street songs has always been “Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood”.  I often sing it to my children, and still feel that children should know the various names and faces in their little world.  I love the feeling of a community.  I guess this started about the same time I started watching Sesame Street in 1969 on my family’s tiny black & white tee-vee set in Ballardvale, Massachusetts.  It was in that village, that is located in the town of Andover, that I learned about the people in my neighborhood.  Mr. Beacott ran the Corner Cupboard (a small variety store & lunch counter), Bill Miller fixed cars next to our house at Shawsheen Service gas station, Mr. Cronin owned the ice cream distribution business down the street (where I would later work for a Summer in high school),  Mrs. Sharpe was the village branch librarian, Mr. Trombly was the barber who gave me my first professional hair cut, and Henry the mailman delivered our family’s mail with a smile everyday.  These golden memories have stayed with me all my life, and I feel that my children may be missing some of that simple magic of what it was like to live in a neighborhood.  I guess we have some of it still.  Maybe it’s that the Sesame Street song brings back those memories?  In any case I’ll be happy to be known as the Northside puppeteer and I am proud to help my neighborhood.