I have had a bit of trouble deciding how to hold the three frames of my PVC puppet booth together. I started building the stage about 2 years ago, life happened in between.
A few nights ago, or was it early in the morning, it hit me (as many of my ideas eventually do)…drill holes into the PVC and keep it all together with larger washers & wing nuts! To think, I was thinking about using velcro.

A quick stop at the hardware store and a morning in the backyard were all I needed to get this stage of the “stage” together. I am happy with it’s progress and feel that it should hold up to an outdoor performance.

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE? Oh, please excuse me for neglecting to mention that I have been requested to perform at Winton Montessori School on Saturday May 15 2010. I will probably run through my 10 minute show six or seven times between Noon and 3 PM that day.

So with that deadline approaching I am staying on top of getting this stage together. I’ll spare you any boring photos of an unfinished stage, and leave that for the finished project.