Getting this (puppet) show on the road…at last!

I now have a deadline to get my little puppet troupe out in front of an audience other than my family. My daughter’s teacher has asked me to perform for their class on March 18th!

Yesterday I found that wrapping a large piece of fabric around my synthesizer stand will make a pretty good hand puppet booth.

Tonight I am mashing notes, ideas, and early morning thoughts into a script.

Cross your toes, because the Wump Mucket Puppets WILL ROCK!

One thought on “Getting this (puppet) show on the road…at last!

  1. Some other inexpensive puppet stage ideas.

    PVC Puppet stage


    Table-top puppet theaters can be made with a medium-sized cardboard box. Cut off three bottom flaps, leaving one. Tape the remaining bottom flap to the sides of the box for sturdiness.

    Fold out the top flaps and tape them to each other along the corners to add to the sturdiness and allow light to come through the top.

    Cut an opening on the side of the box to which the bottom flap is still attached. Use a craft knife or scissors, making the opening at least 2" to 3" from the edge of that side.

    To decorate the box, paint it with poster paints, or cover it with wrapping or contact paper. On the inside back wall of the box, children can use clothes pins to hang paper decorated as background scenery.

    To use it, place the box on a table with the open-bottom end hanging slightly off, so that children can go under the table and put their puppets up through the bottom opening. For good lighting, place the table under a fixture or use a swan neck desk lamp to overhang the box and shine down from the top.


    Go to an office supply store and purchase a sturdy, 3-part project display board. Stand the board up and decorate the back side with paint, paper or colored contact paper to be the audience-facing part of the stage. You can go behind the board for the puppet show. If placed in front of a wall, you can tape up poster boards decorated as scenery so that it can be seen over the top of the display board. This puppet stage can be folded flat and stored away when not in use.

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