I am a very happy geek daddy tonight!

My 5 year old daughter Eleanor is officially a published comic artist!

Several weeks ago she was looking at her comics and noticed that other children had their art printed in the comic book. She asked me how she could do that, and I suggested that she draw her favorite characters and we would mail them to DC Comics. Earlier today we were at our comic shop (Maverick’s AKA “Leo’s”), we were about to leave when I remembered that we had mailed DC her art, so I looked on the shelf to find this:

Eleanor's comic art

When I was around her age I thought that I would like to be a cartoonist or animator, my mother even paid for drawing lessons when I was in grade school. Then, in high school drawing class, I was thrown out of the class for not being serious about my work! I drew onions with hands and feet! I was so pissed off I don’t think I touched a pencil for a few years.

You should also know that Eleanor’s lovely mother is a VERY talented ARTSCHOOL DROP-OUT! Who says we can’t draw?!?!

So I would like think that a little bit of my 5 year old self’s dreams of being a cartoonist are printed on that page.

I love my daughter!