With just a little over 3 months before our puppet slam, and very few CAPG people stepping up to the plate to help make it happen I have been thinking of changing the scale of the Slam.

Booking a theatre space 3 months in advance seemed silly when only 4 guild members (Aretta, Linda, Micha, and myself) have agreed to participate. I don’t know why we are having such a hard time getting the rest of the guild involved.


I thought of holding the Slam at a much smaller venue, Sidewinder Coffee shop in my neighborhood of Northside. The room can hold 20-30 people, has a small stage, and we would not have to pay to use it. The coffee shop gets money from it’s food & drink sales, the guild can ask a small donation or pass the hat. I mentioned this to Micha, and she likes the idea. Now to sell it to the rest of the gang.